Five Things We Want To See In Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 is one of the most popular and beloved games of all time, with it introducing new mechanics to gaming such as Quick Time Events and revolutionizing third-person action games, and set standards that are still followed today. Since its initial release, it has sold over 10 million copies and has been ported to most systems that have been released since the game launched in 2005. Capcom recently announced that Resident Evil 4 Remake will be released in March 2023, something that many fans have been hoping for, especially following the release of Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes.

But, will Capcom be able to make a game that lives up to expectations with fans and delivers everything that they want? Well, we hope so, and including these things would certainly help make that possible. Here are five things we want to see in the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Ashley To Be Less Annoying

LEON! HELP! are phrases Resident Evil 4 fans are all too used to. Ashley is often seen as a negative part of the experience; the sections she’s included in are the most cumbersome in the game. For Resident Evil 4 Remake we hope that she is made to be more likable and less annoying. This will likely happen as Capcom are aware of how disliked Ashley is, and in previous remakes, we’ve seen characters’ personalities overhauled.

Separate Ways Included

Separate Ways is a bonus set of missions that can be unlocked in Resident Evil 4, which shows the story from Ada’s perspective and helps to shed some light on some of the events that took place in the game. We hope that this mode will be included in the Resident Evil 4 Remake and we are confident that it will be. The Resident Evil 2 Remake saw the inclusion of the 4th Survivor mode with Hunk and, although Resident Evil 3 Remake had a lot of cut content, Capcom will be looking to make this a flagship title due to the popularity of the original game.

Leon’s Relationship With Krauser Expanded

Krauser is one of the main villains in the Resident Evil 4 story, and he happens to be an old friend of Leon Kennedy, the protagonist of the game. It was revealed that the two worked together in between the events of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4. This was expanded upon in the Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles spin-off game on the Nintendo Wii, with one of the missions seeing Leon and Krauser team up together in 2002, two years before Resident Evil 4. It would be great to see the story and relationship between the two expanded upon more, similar to what we saw in Darkside Chronicles, either through cutscenes or as bonus playable content.

Wesker Has More Of A Role

Wesker is one of the most important characters in Resident Evil, first revealing himself as a villain during the events of the first game. Since then, he had a crucial role in the story until his death at the end of Resident Evil 5. After his death at the hands of Chris Redfield, Wesker hasn’t appeared in the story and surprisingly has stayed dead. Wesker does appear in Resident Evil 4, but only in some dialogue sections during the bonus missions. With Wesker playing a role in the story by being the one running things behind the scenes with Ada, it would be great to see him make an appearance in the game. This would mark the first time that Wesker has been seen in a Resident Evil game since Resident Evil 5 in 2009, excluding spin-off appearances in Revelations 2’s Raid Mode.

More Connection To The Resident Evil Story

Resident Evil 4 is a fantastic game, in fact, it is one of the greatest games of all time. But, it can be argued that Resident Evil 4 isn’t a good Resident Evil 4. The game helped revolutionize third-person action games, setting a new gameplay standard and popularizing mechanics such as Quick Time Events. However, it wouldn’t take much to remove any connection to the Resident Evil series. Apart from Leon and Ada being main characters in the game, there is only a couple of references to past games and the series as a whole, once during the opening cutscene, another time during a dialogue sequence with Ada, and a couple of small references scattered throughout the game. If these small references were removed, it could be easy to change the game to a new franchise. Capcom has been focusing a lot more on improving and connecting the story these days, even connecting Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 7 to the original game by building a connection between Miranda and Oswell Spencer.

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