Cool Deus Ex Cosplay, but Not Who You’d Expect

I knew it was only a matter of time before I started seeing Deus Ex cosplay, as the visual style of that game really lends itself to the medium, but I was sure that a trenchcoated and sunglassed Adam Jensen would be the first thing I saw.

But not so, from Nebulaluben comes this amazing Eliza Cassan costume with photos courtesy of Jose Manchado. She was a very cool character in the game, and became even more interesting when you discovered that (spoilers) she was actually just a sophisticated propaganda AI construct.

Check out the full costume gallery below, and hopefully we’ll start seeing more awesome Deus Ex costumes like this in the future,

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  1. @Damien Lee: If everyone had nose jobs, the world would be a boring looking place. Give me a natural girl with natural flaws over the plastic-faced fake ones that are always on TV.

  2. She is really pretty. And I don’t like fake girls. But I’m just gonna say, that she would look even better if she had naturally bigger tatas to fill out the costume.

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