Why Are There Still So Many on the Shelf?

With how much of a massive seller Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was, I was surprised to see this photo, which post-Christmas shows Best Buy’s shelves still lined with Gunnar Optics MW3 gaming eyewear.

Wouldn’t the dedicated Call of Duty players want to get their vision slightly tinted so they can spot far out enemies .0001% more of the time? Silly me, what am I saying, this is MW3, there ARE no far out enemies on these maps.

At the very least ,you would think they’d want to look super cool, sitting in their living rooms wearing eighty dollar quarter sunglasses which somehow have to fit around their headsets. Again, why did these not fly off the¬†shelves?

Get your own pair here! You know it’s bad when even professional models look ridiculous in your product.

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  1. Wrong, I work in the gaming industry and a lot of people wear it there. Its easy on the eyes like “faggot” said, but not only specifically for gaming but for long hours in front of a screen.

    Mw3 sucks anyway.

  2. SOrry, when I mentioned “and other rediculous claims.” that was kinda rolled into it.

    Either way, BS product. the placebo effect does wonders for people though.

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