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NBA 2K21

Like any other sport, the NBA does come with a badge of honor. It takes artistry skills and talent to execute a jaw-dropping dunk, aggressive defense gimmicks, and an excellent shooting move. As expected, qualifying for an NBA 2K21 finishing badge doesn’t come with passion and dedication. It’s more like winning a Grammy award after countless voice coaching sessions and choreography. If you’re like most NBA fans, you’re probably wondering which the best finishing badges in NBA 2K21 are. Here are eight badges you might want to consider.

8. Pro Touch

To get a Pro Touch badge, ensure your layups are moderate, neither early nor late. Timing for layups is everything if you want this badge to benefit you. It increases well-timed layup attempts. To make this badge improve your ability to score inside, pair it with Contact Finisher. According to AOEAH, even if the staunchest defense team attacks your player out of nowhere, Pro Touch will help you get a good score.

7. Fancy Footwork

Fancy Footwork is an NBA 2K21 finishing badge that improves a player’s skills in outwitting defenders. According to GAMERANT, this badge assists a player to outrun defenders rather quickly and efficiently when performing cradle, hot spin, half-spin gathers, euro. It’s most recommended for slashers and finishers. Initially, this finishing badge started off as NBA 2K20, and its role then was to trigger defenseless layup animations such as the nonperforming hot step layups. The NBA 2K21 for Fancy Footwork is an improved version of its predecessor, the NBA 2K20. While it may not be the best finishing badge on this list, it makes sense for players interested in euros, spins, and hot steps to try it out.

6. Consistent Finisher

Are you fed up with getting penalties just because you didn’t release a straightforward shot? Worry no more; Consistent Finisher’s got you covered. It starts by activating the badge, allowing you to make layups. Next, take advantage of fast breaks with a clear path to the hoop to increase your chances of making layups. You will enjoy increased consistency and success rate of finishing, preventing you from making a bad layup. This badge comes in four tiers; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the Hall of Fame. As you keep forwarding good layups, the badge moves you to the next tier until you get to the Hall of Fame. The key trick is to aim somewhere around the 80s or higher to improve the player’s effectiveness on the court.

5. Slithery Finisher

Whether you’re a beginner at badge finishing or are a seasoned one, Slithery Finisher in NBA allows you to control the player’s ability. It reduces the player’s chances of coming into contact with the defense in the paint, allowing them to make an excellent dunk or layup. Like the Consistent Finisher, Slithery Finisher also comes in four tiers. Being at the top of the game means you’ve made it to the Hall of Fame tier. While there, the badge will ensure the player gets to the rim, preventing the odds of pulling off a dunk or layup. When your player has a Slithery Badge at the Hall of Fame, the player still gets to the bucket even if they come into contact with their opponents. We recommend getting this badge if outwitting your opponents is your ultimate gaming experience.

4. Acrobat

If your shot percentage keeps worsening, no matter how much you try to improve your layups, the Acrobat finishing badge can be your nightly shining armor. According to ScreenRant, this badge triggers the spin, half-spin, hot step, cradle, euro-step, and layups. As you look forward to improving your layup percentage, it would also help to slash your routine. It’s a strategy meant to catch the defense in the paint unawares. It also works if there’s another acrobatic layup waiting by. Use that element of surprise to go all acrobatic on your opponents.

3. Backward punisher

We’ve all gone through periods where you feel like your enemies are working against you. It’s like taking one step ahead, then going six steps backward. When you’re about to give up, you discover the Backward punisher. The badge helps you in such a situation by improving your backdowns. It’s an easier hack to use your player’s strengths to back down the defender in the paint effectively. This badge adds a little to boost your score percentage. You have more reason to smile if your player knows how to apply the right tricks to back down a defender. Even if you’re still holding the badge in the Bronze tier, but your player is strong, the Backdown Punisher will still work to your advantage.

2. Contact Finisher

If slashing is your most significant strength, you may find the Contact Finisher badge worth your time. It’s the reason it comes second on our list. Your play style doesn’t need to be more aggressive. All you need is to do for the contact dunks, and this badge will heavily reward you with a wide smile. The primary goal of the Contact Finisher is to improve your success rate as you go for contact dunks. Aim for the Hall of Fame level, and no one will get in your way of success, not even a strong defense team. Get this badge at any tier and watch your slashing skills scale greater heights.

1. Box

The box is more like a Defense Badge that helps prevent an opposing team from accessing the player. You can activate the badge by boxing out an opponent. As soon as Power Forwards stand in position to secure a rebound, the defense won’t get in the way of your player. You can trigger the badge many times to rebound your player’s attempts.


To get NBA 2K21’s finishing badges, go through the MyPlayer process and make their character more recognizable in specific areas. That way, you can choose a finishing badge that resonates with your playing style and gaming gimmicks, giving you the badge of honor you deserve.

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