Well That Explains That

I make it a point to try and play the most popular video games out there, and mobile is no exception. That means of COURSE I’ve played Angry Birds, which has been at the top of the App Store sales charts for as long as I’ve had an iPhone.

Many criticisms of the game are that it’s not a new concept at all, but one that’s just dressed up with funny cartoon characters which is why it has succeeded. But as it turns out, even the inspiration for those characters was drawn from somewhere else. Here you can see how amalgams of various Sesame Street residents came together to form the birds and pigs we all love to prod with our fingers.

As for the game itself? It’s decently fun, but I don’t understand the hysteria that’s leading to it getting it’s own feature film. I’ll stick to Infinity Blade.

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  1. Personally I enjoyed Cut The Rope much more than Angry Birds. Plus I get to brag to my smug Android-owner friends how much better it is than anything they have.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this also a comment on the animosity between muppets and sesame street?

    Pigs = muppets
    Birds = sesame street

    /Childhood Nerd-ery

  3. to the guy above i dont see how there could be any animosity between muppets and sesame street since henson created all the creatures for sesame street.

  4. Holy shit Paul. What’s it going to take for you to learn the difference between it’s and its? Seriously, even though Unreality has become perhaps my favorite website, I am on the verge of never coming here again because IT’S (a contraction of ‘it is’) like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

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