Fallout 4 Companion Guide and Basics

A lot of people really enjoy playing video games like Fallout 4. The problem is, this is an exceptionally advanced video game and it can be extremely difficult to go from one level to the next. The truth is, this game is so challenging that a lot of people find themselves stuck in a situation where they can’t seem to find a way to advance in any capacity whatsoever. More often than not, people eventually begin to become so frustrated that they simply set the game aside and move on to something else. However, most gamers are quite vocal when there’s something they don’t like and this has been no exception. As a result, you can now benefit from no less than 13 Fallout 4 companions and guides, all designed to help you navigate all of the complexities of this game.

If you want to get a better idea of what these companions and guides are really all about, you can always click on the link listed at the bottom of this article. There, you will find a video that provides a quick walk-through of everything that will be discussed here. For the time being, it’s important to know that each of the 13 companions and guides that you have access to corresponds to a different part of the game, namely those parts which have a tendency to give gamers the most trouble

All of the guides are named in a unique fashion. This is designed to help you better understand which companions and guides you need to help you with certain parts of the game that you might be struggling with yourself. The companions have names like Dogmeat and Codsworth, among others. As you can see, sometimes the names are just a little comical as well. If neither one of those is capable of helping you with whatever you might be struggling with personally, consider the other companions. You can choose from either the two that have already been listed, or the remaining 11, named X6-88, Deacon, Danse, Preston, Curie, MacCready, Hancock, Strong, Cait, Nick Valentine, or Piper. Surely you can find something that will help you get over whatever you’re stuck on, no matter where you’re struggling in the game.

All in all, most gamers are excited that these companions and guides are available. If you really want to get all the way through this game, it’s almost certain you will have to utilize at least one or two of these guides somewhere along the way. Even the best gamers seem to have trouble getting through this one. If this just so happens to be one of your favorite games and you’re frustrated beyond words because you’re stuck, this could be the thing that finally gets you over that hump. The best thing is that you can download all of these companions and guides so that you have exactly what you need at your fingertips, when you need it.

The best games are supposed to be a mix of challenging and intriguing and Fallout 4 certainly accomplishes that. In some cases, it just might be a little bit too challenging. However, thanks to these companions and guides, it’s now possible for most people to figure out what they’ve been doing wrong and then correct the situation.

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