Amazing Tomb Raider Piano Medley by Sonya Belousova

Some of you might be aware that Tomb Raider is celebrating 20 years while others are just interested in seeing Lara Croft cosplay.  What if I told you that you could have a combination of both? Beautiful and talented piano player Sonya Belousova magically whisks us away to the desert (where I guess Lara would play piano?) where she starts ripping the piano in what ends up being an incredible display of talent.

Sonya plays a tribute to 20 years of Tomb Raider, all while rocking a Lara Croft outfit.    But it’s not just the desert we are taken to.  The part filmed in the forest at the end of the video is especially beautiful.  While we don’t know where it was filmed, the scenery is nothing short of stunning.

Why can’t they make video game movies with this kind of cinematography?  Is that so hard?  Come on guys.  How about ONE decent video game movie?  Was Tomb Raider the best video game movie?  Is this possible?  It can’t be.  It CAN’T BE!

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