How to Defeat Alice Alisceon in Divinity: Original Sin 2

‘Divinity: Original Sin 2’ is a role-playing video game released in September of 2017 as a sequel to ‘Divinity: Original Sin’. A success both commercially and critically, the game is considered one of the best of its kind of all time, as was proven when more than a million copies of the game sold in just two months after its release. As of 2019 the game is available for MacOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 4. Needless to say, it’s a game that has gotten a bit of play during its existence. Yes, many are playing it. Because of this fact we thought it was necessary to share a bit about the game with those who are either new to it or are struggling with a specific aspect of game, to be discussed here. First, however, let’s do a rundown of the story line, just to put our topic into perspective.

The Storyline

You are in the world of Rivellon, and centuries have passed since your first adventure (Divinity: Original Sin). The beings residing here get their energy from the ‘Source’, and users of such are referred to as Sourcerers. This energy is used by them to work magic or perfect their fighting skills. The character Lucian, also called ‘The Divine’, has been given a share of power from the Source, a gift from the seven gods of Rivellon; his powers are utilized for the purpose of holding back the Void. Now, according to the story, Lucian actually dies before the game even begins. And his death made the veil that hung between Rivellon and the Void weaken. Guided by the dark God King, hideous, murderous monsters begin to trickle into Rivellon from the Void, and the invasion of Rivellon has begun. The monsters, called the Voidwoken, are attracted to the use of the Source, which spawns the invasion and results in an organization called the Divine Order persecuting Sourcerers as if they were at fault for the attack.

Enter you, the player. As a Sourcerer you have been taken captive by the Divine Order for the reason explained above. While you are is being transported to Mount Joy, a prison on an island, the ship you are on is attacked by a Voidwoken…namely a Kraken. The monster manages to sink the ship, but you survive, having been called by a voice that referred to you as the ‘Godwoken’. Full play is now underway, and you encounter not only the monsters of the Void, but bosses as well. As with most RPG games, some will be easier than others, and there are many to defeat if conquering the game is your goal. For instance, you’ll come across the Dream Portal Arena, one of the toughest in the game. You’ll also find yourself up against ‘The Doctor’ in Act IV, another enemy right up there on the list when it comes to difficulty level. But according to Game Rant (, The most difficult enemy boss to defeat is a witch named Alice Alisceon. If you haven’t already, you will meet her far north, in Cloisterwood. If you’re wise, you’ll brace yourself.

The Trouble with Alice

Before you learn the best way to beat Alice Alisceon, you need to know her. You know the old adage about knowing your enemy? Well, in this case it definitely applies, because if you don’t you will find this particular part of your journey to be overwhelmingly difficult, and you wouldn’t be alone. The first thing you need to know about this witch of the north is that she has the power and capacity to kill with a single hit, and that almost right away. Feel like the odds are against you? Well, if you aren’t educated thoroughly regarding this particular enemy, they are. So, what do you do? How do you kill her?

That is what we’re here for; read on…

No Worries…Victory is at Hand

There is much input regarding how to defeat Alice Alisceon from a variety of sources. Here are some facts, in list form, to be aware of before the battle even begins:

  • Making contact with her, in any way, shape, or form, will result in the beginning of the battle
  • AS SOON as the battle starts Alice will attempt to take out your entire army with a single strike…she is often successful
  • Even if you get the upper hand in battle and somehow take her out she will use her voice to wipe you out, which is possible as long as you are in hearing distance

Okay, so you know the facts. This witch is treacherous, make no mistake. But now that you have a bit of an education regarding her and her ways, let’s find out how to defeat her and get on with things, shall we?

To Win Is Inevitable…

Now, let’s get down to defeating this Level 15 boss. Here are a few extra pieces of advice and tidbits of knowledge that will help you along:

  • If your team is situated close together you can count on Alice starting things off with a fireball attack, so keep things a bit distanced (but not too far)
  • There will be a ‘Persuasion Check’, but no matter what particular line of dialog you opt for, she is going to fight you…don’t waste your time tinkering with this due to false hope
  • Restoration spells and the effects of them are her weak spot because Alice in one of the Undead, technically speaking
  • When she dies, she is going to drop the Witch’s Cellar Key, which is needed for the quest entitled ‘Treated Like Cattle. Since defeating Alice is so difficult it’s good to know that the lock opened by this key can be picked using Thievery 4)
  • Your ability to ‘Bless’ should be used on Alice to remove the ‘Aura of Pain’ buff she doles out, which just happens to be one of the worst of the buffs used
  • If you do manage to defeat her you will gain 36,100 EXP D.E. from her, which is insane cool
  • Now, to finally defeat Alice Alisceon, here are a handful of recommended strategies that have been tried and proven:
  • Use teleport to get her away from the totems; follow this up with polymorphing her into a chicken
  • Use healing items and your Soul Mate ability to kill her
  • Use a ‘Living on the Edge’ spell; a warrior character or necromancer character works best with this spell
  • Use your Bless ability; Alice’s ‘Aura of Pain’ buff is rendered powerless by this

Lure Alice to Jahan and he will kill her. You must have a team member that is able to attack her from a certain range, namely while waiting near Jahan (east). At the same time another character, who will be at the fiery cliff, will teleport her to the beach located below. Note that Alice will try to head around in the direction of Jahan so she can get back to her cliff, but an AP limit will put a stop to this. Now, attack her with your character and lure her in the direction of Jahan, and Jahan will come help fight. Alice will be obliterated in only a few turns. This is considered the easiest way to finally get rid of the witch.

Now you are ready. You have the knowledge and know what you need to do to get the job done. Go forth and conquer…the victory is yours. You are finally ready to defeat the Level 15 boss Alice Alisceon from Divinity: Original Sin 2…Have fun, and overcome!

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