Dead Island 2: Important Items To Find When Starting Out

Dead Island 2 lets players pick from a long roster of characters that each have their skills and attributes. However, it doesn’t matter who is picked in terms of starting. Every character will need the same items and equipment to survive Hell-A and commencing the campaign will feel empty-handed. Players will need to scramble the terrain and find whatever they can to fight off the zombie hordes. Of course, this will make things extra dangerous since the characters have next to nothing to fight with. Hence, it can be a little confusing about where to go and what to find.

There is a slew of weapons to gather up and even craft in Dead Island 2. Let’s not overlook the other items that players will need regularly. Some of these items may seem inconsequential, but they can save your bacon during tight situations. Some of these objects can be found pretty much anywhere and others will need to be hunted down within certain areas. It all varies, of course. There are many tools required to survive the streets of Hell-A. This now only entails combat, but exploration as well.

While some items needed are obvious, it can be difficult to know on where to find them. To help avoid running around in circles, this guide will help you find a path. This will organize the start of the campaign and players can have a decent chance to build up their character. The following list is recommendations of what things players should find as soon as possible. Some will be accessible at the start of the game, while others will take a little time to obtain. Either way, these items can help out players in the long run. Because, once you get to the second half of the campaign, things can get pretty brutal. The zombies in Dead Island 2 don’t play around and it is best that you don’t, either.

Essential Items To Find First


  • Fuses are kind of like electrified keys in Dead Island 2. Players will most likely find circuit breakers that are missing components. They are attached to certain; rooms, garages, and areas that hold special loot. Players will need to plug in the fuses to help get the electricity flowing to open up these doors. So, where can you find fuses? The most constant place will be over at trader outposts that are located in Safe Zones in; Venice, Bel-Air, Blue Crab Grill and The Pier They won’t be there by default, the trader themselves will need to be unlocked by simply completing Call the Calvary campaign mission. They will be marked as a ‘dollar sign’ on the map. They can cost up to $1,500 each. Plus, players can carry up to two or three fuses at a time. Be sure to check in with traders periodically, because their inventory tends to restock as the story goes on.


  • Curveballs are throwable projectiles in Dead Island 2. There is a wide variety of curveballs to find in this game. However, in this case, the first curveball that players will have access to will be the Meat Bait. Carlos will give it to you for free when playing the Call the Calvary quest. This curveball is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a hunk of flesh to help lure zombies into traps and other helpful areas. If nothing else, it can help get hordes off your trail. Speaking of the Call of Calvary quest, once you get to the Halperin Hotel, look for a black vehicle off Lacuna Ave. There will be some shurikens stuck on the door on the driver’s side. Take them and use them to slice up some undead from afar.


  • There is a pretty elaborate crafting feature in Dead Island 2. However, players can’t just assemble things willy-nilly. They will need to find blueprints to help properly construct a zombie-slaying tool of destruction. Things like; mods, perks, and upgrades can be installed on a variety of weapons through the use of these documents. Blueprints can be found throughout the map pretty easily. They’re usually near workbenches. Additionally, blueprints can be bought from all the traders in Safe Zones throughout the city. Even though they can be a bit pricey. Thus, during the campaign, players should come across blueprints organically as long as they have their eyes open. Players should take the time and gather some up as soon as they start their adventure in Hell-A.

Electructor Officer’s Sword

  • This is a rare weapon type that can be found early in the game. It already comes modded and it has both elemental and maiming damage. Even though there are several weapons players can use while starting, this one is recommended. To get it, players should play the Clean and Snatch side quest in Beverly Hills as soon as they can. This quest will lead players through the backyards of Beverly Hills, picking up journals, gathering clues, and sniffing around people’s swimming pools. Eventually, they will find a key that will open a box that’s in a swimming pool at Rikky’s house. The Electructor Officer’s Sword will be in it. With it, players will have an edge when slaying zombies, with the ability to chop off appendages and even fry groups with electrical powers like Zeus.


The beauty of Dead Island 2 is that players can go about their playthrough any way they want. The aforementioned list is just a heads-up on what to go for when starting. It will take a little work in the beginning, but ultimately, it will be worth the effort later on in the game. With all these things in mind, players will have a more enjoyable time cleaving, bashing, and kicking their way through Hell-A. Dead Island 2 is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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