Five Awesome Tips and Cheats for Shenmue 3

Shenmue is a series that managed to build up a fair-sized following in spite of being a commercial failure. However, said following has proven to be a boon in the end because it was their support that enabled the making of Shenmue 3. Now, there is much interest in seeing how said title will perform, not least because its performance will determine Here are 5 tips that can be put to excellent use in Shenmue 3:

Eat on a Regular Basis

Shenmue 3 can be simulationist in some very bothersome ways. For instance, if players want to keep up their endurance as well as their maximum health, they need to eat on a regular basis. Unfortunately, while there are some places such as Shenhua’s house where interested individuals can get free food, they are going to have to pay for most of what they eat over the course of the game. In other words, Shenmue 3 requires them to work to make money so that they can then use that money to pay for their necessities, which is very funny for a certain kind of people with a certain kind of humor.

Naturally, this means that players should do their best to choose foods that will provide them with the best value for their money. However, this can be a bit time-consuming, not least because different foods can have different prices on different days. Still, for those who are in the early game, they might want to keep an eye out for Rock Tripe. Said food costs 20 yuan, thus making it one of the more expensive options that can be found out there. However, it provides 600 health in exchange for that 20 yuan, meaning that it is one of the more potent options that can be found out there as well.

Train on a Regular Basis

On a related note, players will want to train on a regular basis so that they can maximize their player-character’s statistics. Yes, if they are good with the game’s fighting mechanics, they can go a long way even without bothering to improve their numbers. However, unless they possess exceptional skill for whatever reason, there will come a point when they will be overwhelmed. In contrast, if they can’t claim to have that kind of capability, they will want to raise their statistics as much as possible so that they have a bigger margin for error.

As for what interested individuals should train in, it tends to be a good idea for them to train both their attack and their endurance on an approximately equal basis. This way, they will create a balanced fighter that can do a lot of damage and can take a lot of damage as well.

Be Ready to Move in Combat

In combat, players need to remain ready to move. For example, if players are getting attacked by an opponent, they need to understand that there are times when dodging is better than blocking. Essentially, blocking will reduce the damage that they receive but it won’t eliminate that damage altogether. As a result, while blocking one or two hits can be fine, blocking an entire sequence of hits is going to have painful consequences. Instead, players should do their best to master the art of avoiding attacks so that they can avoid taking damage altogether. Moreover, avoiding attacks comes with a neat bonus in that if they time the whole thing perfectly, they will get a chance to retaliate when their opponents expose themselves. Interested individuals will do that they have done this perfectly when they hear the whooshing sound of their opponent missing.

Likewise, positioning is a critical matter when players are going up against multiple opponents at the same time. In short, players can defend themselves from attacks from the front, but they can’t do the same when those attacks are coming from either their rear or some other unprotected direction. As such, they need to position themselves at all times so that they can see all of their opponents coming at them from a single direction rather than multiple directions. This way, they can actually work on beating their opponents one by one without needing to be fearful of getting surprise attacked, thus making for the most effective and efficient way to clear out enemies.

Understand Your Favorite Money-Making Methods

Shenmue 3 offers its players various ways to make money. This is good because interested individuals have more options, which is rather important when not everyone will enjoy all of the options that are available to them. For instance, there are some people who find the forklift driving mini-game to be very easy, thus making it a relatively smooth way for them to earn a fair amount of cash within a short period of time. In contrast, other people seem to struggle with not crashing their rides into a wide range of objects, meaning that they might be better-off staying away from it. Fortunately, there are a lot of other options, meaning that interested individuals shouldn’t hesitate to experiment to see which ones are best-suited for them.

With that said, there are some options that players should be made aware of. First, there is wood chopping, which is not very exciting but is nonetheless a simple, reliable way to make money at the start of the game, thus making it worth remembering. Second, there is fishing, which is a good example of the principle of needing to spend money to make money. Essentially, interested individuals have to rent fishing gear for an entire day, but in exchange, they can more than make back their rental costs so long as they make good use of their available time.

You Can Change the Difficulty

On a final note, not everyone will enjoy Shenmue 3’s fighting mechanics. As a result, if someone is less than fond of it, there is no shame in just turning down the difficulty so that they can get on with the rest of the game. Ultimately, games are meant for people to have fun. Thanks to this, if a game’s difficulty is preventing the player from having fun, they shouldn’t hesitate to change that so that they can get back to enjoying the experience.

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