Dead Island 2: Three Essential Side Quests To Try Out

Dead Island 2 has no shortage of things to do. Not only is there a gaunt of collectibles to dig up, but there is also a rather healthy amount of side-quests to complete. In fact, there is a total of 33 of them. They all vary in terms of gameplay content and rewards. Of course, some offer better loot than others. This is why this guide is outlining some of the most noteworthy side-quests to pursue. Certain quests can offer things that can be a game changers, while others just simply offer chump change. Therefore, it might be best to go after the meat of the matter as opposed to just chewing on rotten morsels.

Now, if a player is a completionist, then going after all these side-quests can’t be avoided. There are about three different trophies/achievements to unlock while finishing a number of these side-quests in any particular order. Thus, these types of quests do come with varying levels of difficulty and it is advised that players should buff up their characters before jumping into these missions. Hell-A is a dense place to explore and it calls for extensive combing in order to find the best gear and Skills Cards.

Now, the thing about these side-quests is that they can only be found by stumbling onto them while looking around Hell-A. Some are available during the playthrough, while others only show up after the story. They’ll be listed on your menu after they are found, naturally. Of course, the most difficult part is finding all 33 of them during your sessions. If you are just looking for some extra XP and truly helpful loot, then the following list offers a handful of the most lucrative side-quests that can be found in Dead Island 2.

The Art of War

First Segment

  • Now, this side-quest will be available after completing the main campaign. If a player is looking for some heavy weaponry, then this is one mission to look into. Over at the Serling Hotel, go up onto the third floor. There, you will find Rosa hanging out. She will mention a thing or two about this quest. So, fast travel near the Safe Room in the Metro area on the map. This will be your starting point. Go up to a laptop sitting on a box and activate it. While it starts up, which takes a while, defend yourself with zombies that range from standard to elites.

Second Segment

  • After this little event, check out the laptop and download a picture. This is a visual clue on where to go. So, head West down the tunnels until you find four abandoned carts. Search, if you must, but the weapons won’t be in there. So, go to the end of the cart that is tucked away in the SouthWest tunnel. There will another laptop and next to it, a shotgun. Grab it and head West toward the Maintenance Tunnels.

Third Segment

  • Here, you will encounter the Darkest Before Dawn team. They all have mutated into fire zombies in various forms. Eliminate them and pick up a dropped key along with a journal. Go back to the safe room that is located West of this area and open up the chest. You will be rewarded a Military Axe along with 5,000 XP.


First Segment

  • In Bel-Air, head to the GOAT Pen. There, you will find that all the influencers are dead except Amanda Styles. She is streaming all sorts of carnage in Dead Island 2 from her rooftop and now, you are her next star. Find a way to climb to the top of the mansion and talk to Styles. She wants to record some footage of you knocking off zombies from the roof. So, of course, you will agree to that.

Second Segment

  • So, turn on the laptop on the table to start blaring some music. This will lure all the zombies to your location and it’s time to go hogwild. Take note that simply killing them won’t be enough. Amanda wants you to kick them off the roof. So, this would be a good time to equip the Dropkick Skill Card, if you have it. Once six zombies have been kicked off, Amanda will then want to try something new.

Third Segment

  • Now, she wants you to mangle zombies with maiming weapons. Severe arms and legs to separate the undead in quarters. Use swords or axes to make this easier. Once twelve undead have been chopped up, Amanda will want to switch things up again.

Fourth Segment

  • It’s time to burn up some zombies with the heaters near the patio. Try and lure as many undead as you can near the heaters and hit them. This will cause them to spew fire and send the zombies ablaze. You will need up to six zombies to catch on fire. Once this happens, use any weapon available to clean up any stragglers walking around. There will be Crushers and Fire Zombies in the mix, so stay vigilant. After all, this is done, talk to Amanda again to wrap up this quest. You will be rewarded a Wrecking Ball Survivor Card along with 1,500 XP.

Dez and the Mother of Satan

First Segment

  • This side-quest will come later in the game, especially after finishing the Boardwalking Dead Main Quest and the side-quest Boz Makes a Bang. Hana will be looking for Dez, who she thinks is located near the Santa Monica Pier within the CDC Domes. Once you make it to this dome, something will blow up, causing a horde of zombies to run amok all over the pier. Fight your way through them and talk to Dez, who is stationed on scaffolding next to the dome.

Second Segment

  • Dez will mention something about “testing out a new weapon.” So, bait some zombies near her vicinity and there will be some hidden explosives in the sand. Let Dez detonate all of them and be sure to take out the remaining stragglers. After this is done, Dez will recall a new chemical called “The Mother of Satan” that was created by the CDC. However, she is not sure where to locate it. So, head North from the big dome and look for a smaller dome. In it, will be the Quartermaster’s documents revealing clues.

Third Segment

  • Upon entering the dome, there will be some electrical fences that will need to be deactivated in order to reach the required two journals stacked on tables. Once they are collected go to the North Exit. There will be a whiteboard next to it, holding a third journal with “The Mother of Satan’s” location. Go back to Dez, who is now inside the dome, and hand her all three journals. As a reward, you will be given a code for a locked box over at Lotusville Mall, a Superior Electrical Mod, and 4,500 XP.


These aforementioned side-quests are just a taste of what Dead Island 2 has to offer. Not only will players get a healthy amount of XP, but also better weapons. It’s not to say that the other side-quests aren’t at least worth exploring, because they are. The ones on this list simply offer some of the better rewards in comparison to others. So, if you have the time, maybe you should check them out. Dead Island 2 is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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