A Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale Character Wishlist

At long last, someone listened to my endless cries of “Why doesn’t anyone make another Super Smash Bros. style game?” It seemed so easy, and Sony finally figured out that what works for Nintendo might work for them as well.

Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but the concept of assembling Sony’s mightiest heroes is one that appeals to almost everyone. And now that they’ve shown they can get third party brands on board (Bioshock’s Big Daddy was just announced as a playable character), that’s inspired me to come up with my own wish list of other inclusions, both Sony and 3rd party based. I don’t think Nintendo or Microsoft will be lending them Mario or Master Chief anytime soon.

Check out that list below, and add your own in the comments.


Yes, yes, I know. Everyone hates Raiden and everyone loves Snake. But Snake already showed up in Super Smash Bros, and really, Raiden definitely has a fighting style better built for a game like this. No hiding, no boxes, just flipping and sword swinging. I think he’d shine in a game of this nature, and it would be a great inclusion from a brand that’s (usually) Sony exclusive.


Here’s a hero of Sony’s past that should be a no-brainer. I’m 99% sure we will end up seeing Crash in the final game, but I think some gentle pokes should be implemented to make sure that happens. Also, they should be making more Crash Bandicoot games in general.


Last year, this would have read Ezio, but now with Asassin’s Creed 3 on the horizon, I think we can upgrade to the series’ latest hero. We don’t know all that much about Connor yet, but assuming he has the fighting skill and arsenal of his ancestors, he should be a formidable opponent and easily fit into a game like this. Ubisoft has shown they’re open to including AC characters in other games, as Soul Calibur recently had Ezio as a bonus character.


Another non PS-exclusive, but I think it would be pretty damn cool to have a fast, unarmed melee character like Fayth bouncing around in the game. And since the title seems short on female combatants already that aren’t fat princesses, I think she would be a good addition.


Another PS-veteran that I believe will make the final cut by release. Spyro has unfortunately been bastardized in attempted new games over the years, but a guest starring role in All Stars could be his return to form, and his flying/fire abilities would create a lot of different move sets.


Out of every Final Fantasy game that’s ever been made, they should be able to squeeze ONE character out of them at least to appear here. Cloud was the obvious choice as perhaps the most beloved FF character of all time, and his Buster Sword would be put to good use in the arena.


I tried to think of which Mass Effect character I’d want included the most, and the answer had to be the man himself, Garrus Vakarian. He would be a good balance to all the melee classes, making good use of his sniper rifle. His ultimate move could be summoning other members of the team (Tali, Wrex) to come in and wreck shit with him.


Even if Skyrim suffered horrible load times on the PS3, there are enough fans of the game who would love to see the Dovahkiin himself show up. Yes, you could make your character any race or gender, but I think the standard human male with the horned helmet would be iconic enough. And think of the move possibilities! He could combine melee, archery and magic, and his finishing move would summon Alduin to eat everyone onscreen.


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