A Rogues Gallery of 1920’s Batman Villains

Batman Villains 1

From fantastic 2D and 3D artist Jason E. Marks comes this series of mugshots depicting what various Batman villains might look like should they have terrorized Gotham in the 1920’s. That’s of course the Penguin above, but the Joker, Two Face and even Mr. Freeze also make an appearance down below.

I hope he continues on and  does a whole series of these. I’d love to see his take on Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, The Riddler, Bane and more. Lots of potential there. And of course a shot of Batman himself would be kind of cool as well.

Check out the rest for yourself:

Batman Villains 4

Batman Villains 3

Batman Villains 2

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  1. None of these is from the 1920’s! The date each mugshot was supposedly taken is next to the names of the villains.

    Oswald Cobblepot 08.11.41 = 8/11/1941
    Victor Fries 02.1.59 = 2/1/1959
    John Doe 05.1.40 = 5/1/1940
    Harvey Dent 03.8.42 = 3/8/1942

  2. The dates next to the villains are actually the dates their characters were first featured in a Batman comic.
    But you’re correct that they’re not 1920 photos.

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