Warlander – Warrior Build Tips

Warlander is a free-to-play game that offers a slew of content to work with. Even though it just recently launched, there is already a cornucopia of things to; unlock, equip, and upgrade. In fact, it can be a bit overwhelming on trying to figure out how the mechanics work. Generally, any player that has played Fortnite, or any other free-to-play title, then the customization mechanics should feel comfortable. With the three different classes now available, they all play rather differently. The Warrior Class, however, is most likely the go-to starting character for new players.

He comes with a standard attack, block, and critical attack. This is standard fare for any action or fighting game. In the case of Warlander, the Warrior Class will be the most common avatar seen throughout any match. Right next to the Mage Class. These knights are tanky and they are built to be on the frontlines. They are meant to get in close and chop down the opposition. Of course, there are a few other tricks to them that provide a little flexibility.

With the current build of Warlander, there is quite a bit to choose from regarding skills and talents for all the classes. Needless to say, the warrior isn’t the fastest character on the roster. Wizards can melt you from afar before you can get close enough to do any damage. Hence, looking for skills that can help close the gap should be a top priority for the warriors. Also, switching to a more powerful crossbow can also help since the default one isn’t very powerful.

Best Skills for the Warrior Class

So, the Warrior Class excels in hand-to-hand combat. The problem is that other classes tend to be nimble and hard to catch up with. Luckily, there are a few dashing attacks that the warrior can utilize to reach fleet-footed opponents. The Smash Skill will allow the warrior to rush to an enemy and bash them with his shield. This can be especially useful for players that like knocking people off ledges. Thus, Rushdown is also a good alternative. The knight will charge up to an enemy and knock them down onto the dirt. Followed by a massive kick for good measure. Lastly, Powerbomb will allow knights to run up to enemies and bodyslam them into the ground. This move is almost impossible to stop.

As for swordplay, Whirlwind will unleash a nine-hit combo that can decimate enemies. Also, Rocket and Lunge Slash will let warriors either leap or charge toward enemies, followed by a powerful strike. Both of those options are equally damaging, it is all a matter of either wanting to go vertical or horizontal. As for the crossbow, the only skill worth using is the Covershot. The Knight will use his shield as a barrier while shooting pop shots with his crossbow. This skill will also grant more ammunition and damage to the currently equipped crossbow.

Best Talents for the Warrior Class

There is quite a list of passive buffs that players can use within their selection of Talents. One example is the Tower Occupation Speed buff. This can be really helpful during tight matches and there is no time to waste when taking a tower. Another obvious choice is the Sword Attack Up buff. This can upgrade up to 6.5% more damage when maxed out, which can make all the difference during fights. Thus, Superior Foe Killer is another good choice to make. No doubt when facing off with higher-tiered enemies by yourself during late matches.

Of course, this all depends on how gamers play with their characters. Some like to lean toward the support side of things, while others prefer to be more offensive. So, Object Damage Up can really speed up the siege side of things, allowing players to bust through gates more effectively. It also wouldn’t hurt to try out the Crossbow Power Up perk. Even though the warrior isn’t the best with crossbow skills, at least this perk will provide a little edge with long-range attacks.

Best Equipment for the Warrior Class

Now, the selection of equipment in Warlander is dense. They all come with various stats, along with a special perk. So, players will need to use common sense with their choices of equipment so it will accommodate their play style. The ways that players can mix and match equipment can go on forever. On a more universal note, try and equip things that come with a ‘HP Up‘ perk. This can really help out with every class across the board. Thusly, there is also a ‘Move Up‘ perk that can be utilized on some equipment. This will allow characters to have a faster movement speed on the battlefield.

Also, try and keep an eye out for either; Cleric Killer or Mage Killer. This will boost the chances of taking down these class types during skirmishes. In the right hands, those classes can tear down the Warrior Class in a hurry. All in all, try and build up the HP for the Warrior Class first. Then, experiment with other perks to see which feels right to you. When it comes to equipment, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do things. It is solely up to the player’s discretion on how to build their character.


There is lots of room for growth with Warlander. As of right now, there is plenty of strategic nuances in the combat to keep players busy for some time. As time marches on, there is no telling what other options players will have with their build. The Warrior Class is the easiest character to start with and they can be a lot of fun to play with. Warlander is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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