Warlander – Tips For Going Into Battle

Warlander is a new free-to-play MMO that is basically a medieval Fortnite in many regards. It has a quirkiness to it, but don’t let that get in the way of the fact that its battles are pretty hardcore. With a combination of wizards, knights, and clerics to choose from, there are many nuances to loadouts and even the combat system. Now, this game comes with the standard 2v2 PvP modes, as well as an epic 5v5 PvP mode. In either case, matches can be; long, robust, and saturated with action. When looking at the massive maps, things can quickly get confusing for noobs.

The entire point for every match is to overtake the other team’s castle by capturing towers. Which, by the way, act as spawn points. Now, when starting a match, there’s actually quite a bit to take in. You first select your character, then you will be thrown into a training area while a match loads. Then, you and your squadmates will need to vote on what kind of Battle Tactic to partake in. This will entail either defending the castle, attacking the enemies’ castle, or both. So, what this will do is spawn you in a certain spot on the map and get ready for battle accordingly.

So, when a match finally starts, it can be a little bit of a jarring experience. There will be a lot of players running around, not knowing what to do. So, to start off, each squad will have a job to do. Depending on what was voted on. These will be along the lines of; Assault, Defense, and Special. Depending on what kind of Battle Tactic was voted on, the variations of squads will differ. Assault will storm the enemies’ castle. The defense will protect their own castle and Special is like a combination of Engineers and Medics, respectively.

Know The Map

Now, the maps in Warlander are highly interactive. There are ballistas and catapults that will need to be built. Every character in the game can build or repair things. Doing this is vital for overtaking territory. Given how well-made the maps are, it will be easy to be overcome with wanderlust and venture off alone. It is best not to do that. Stick with your squad and revive, build things, and defend each other. Chances are, there will be Mages patrolling on top of the walls, sniping people from afar. So, expect to be bombarded with heavy firepower. Also, there are multiple routes to take, so don’t get bottlenecked, and try to flank your opposition often.

Take Time to Build Your Character

There is a surprisingly deep character customization system in Warlander. There is a feature called “decks” which involves making different builds of the same character. So, players can switch them out depending on what kind of squad, or job, they must be a part of. Both the Warriors and Clerics come with ranged weapons. Only one or the other can use a particular ranged weapon at a time. Luckily, weapons and other cosmetics are unlocked fairly easily after completing a match. So, stocking up on new weapons occurs fairly easily. Thus, all characters come with “talents” which range from; erecting walls, speeding up teammates, and healing. Players are free to switch them out and see what suits them best. Thus, there is also a gear system in this game that comes with stats. Players can use these light RPG elements to their advantage. There are also ways to change facial details, colors, and even the voices.

Store up on Valor

Valor is a special XP in Warlander that allow players to spawn characters with certain ‘titles.’ Labels like; Mad Dog, Ashbringer, Tough Guy, Crusher, Slugger etc, will be displayed over a character. What this does is give your character a chance to obtain more CP after a match. Not to mention that they will also be more powerful. CP basically helps unlock higher-Tiered loot after every match. So, in order to spawn a character with a title, players must rack up on Valor. To get Valor, completing tasks, fragging enemies, and building things is a good ways to accumulate some. The goal with every match is to stick with the objectives and support the squad as much as possible. The Valor System sets up an incentive to do this and it, more or less, forces squadmates to be team players.

Embrace The Magic

There are a few spellbinding things that happen during a match. One, in particular, is the Cataclysm Idol. These randomly spawn on a map and players must race to it in order to claim it. With all the chaos ensuing, it can be easy to overlook this and end up losing it. So, if an idol happens to show up near your proximity, do whatever you can to get it. Cataclysmic events in Warlander come in different forms. Whether it be a storm, meteor shower, or even a giant robot. These things can really turn the tide of a battle and demolish the opposing teams. When it comes to the robot, look for highlighted areas on the ground. Enter it and press the ‘interact button’ to take control of one of its appendages.


Warlander is a game that is generally getting overlooked by the gaming community and it is worth checking out. There aren’t too many medieval brawlers out there and this title has the potential to go a long way. Given that this is a free-to-play game, there is plenty of room for this community to grow and expand. Things can only get more magical and intense from here. Warlander is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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