Derelicts is a New Crafting Survival Game With Some New Twists

There is no doubt that crafting survival games are becoming all the rage this generation. Derelicts is the newest addition to this category and it leans toward the more horror aspect of things. The story of this game definitely has a socioeconomic angle to it. Radiation is mysteriously leaking throughout Earth and human beings are split into two different classes. The privileged live up among space stations in harmony and the not-so-privileged are stuck living on Earth while mutating from the radioactive gasses fuming about. Players take control of a protagonist who somehow crashed landed on Earth and now need to find ways to survive on this marred wasteland. Therefore, it is up to the player to explore this landscape and find the reasoning behind the radiation and how to rectify it. Even though Derelicts is technically a “crafting survival game” in many aspects, it also has the breath of other popular IPs in the gaming market today.

Yes, the main crutch with Derelicts will be centered on chopping down trees, building structures, and manipulating the environment for gain. Thus, there is also a sense of Skyrim and even Metro Exodus with the combat and exploration. All the gameplay elements seem fairly elaborate and players will need to fight tooth and nail to obtain every morsel of food and resources they can obtain. There are clever twists with this IP that not very many other survival games have taken wind of. Even though players will be battling the elements during their journey, there are also other notable threats lurking in the woods. Not only will mutants of the humanoid variety be stalking gamers while they hunt for supplies, but there will also be new types of animals to deal with. There is a lot to digest with Derelicts and gamers shouldn’t dismiss it as another Green Hell or Stranded Deep clone.

Second Nature

Now, what was seen in the most recent trailer, there will be a slew of weapons to use. Everything from a crude wooden shield and ax to a drum-fed shotgun is all up for grabs. Even though some weapons, like the bow and arrow, for instance, will obviously need to be crafted. It remains to be seen how firearms will work. Being able to build guns from scraps or just simply find them in the wreckage is not really stipulated. It’s a good chance that ammunition will need to be created, however. Standard primitive weaponry, like spears, will be the starting point with Derelicts. Really, this is no different than any other crafting survival game out there. Also, certain tools can be used as means of self-defense like a chainsaw and hatchet. Certain items come with multiple uses.

What sets Derelicts apart from the back-breaking grind of other craft survival games out there is that there is a feature to have players find ways to automate their camp. Everything from solar panels, water mills, and gutters helps keep everything flowing naturally. Wood can be drifted to a sawmill and sliced up to create lumber. The camp will be able to feed itself without having the player need to venture out into the woods to constantly and manually restock. Thus, there will also be a canine companion that can tag along and help sniff out certain items which will be needed. Of course, your furry friend will also assist in fighting mutant enemies which will be lurking out in the wilderness. Even though this game gives a desolate feeling in many regards, gamers can play together in co-op to help build, hunt, and even party around the campfire if so inclined.

Uncontrollable Forces

Weather plays a really big part in Derelicts. Wind will destroy structures, nighttime or cloudy skies will weaken solar panels, and cold weather can freeze up the aqua ducts. Hence, electricity can be cut off at any moment’s notice, which will leave the camp vulnerable to ambushes. Of course, this game will be far more than just a base-building simulator. There will be quests to partake in, complete with various enemy types and different dungeons to explore. It also appears that there could be puzzles to solve and hidden passageways to bypass which will be peppered throughout the map. Exploring is a significant factor in this game. Not only with finding resources, but also to garner exposition and clues about the source of the radiation poisoning the planet. The world appears to be highly interactive, too. Everything from opening boxes to searching through abandoned cars is all possible.

Players will also be fairly nimble in terms of navigating the map. There will be a grappling hook available early in the game to assist players in reaching high places. On top of all this, mini-games like playing the guitar are another gameplay element that players can try out. There is no question that Derelicts is an ambitious little title that has many layers to it. When it comes to indies, sometimes finding something that has a meaty world to explore can be difficult to come by. The developer Romain has been piecing together this game for a long time and it appears to be coming together quite nicely. It almost has an RPG feel to it and actually that gels pretty well with survival crafting games as a whole. Lastly, being able to play this game as a team with the co-op capability is also a nice touch.

Mother Earth, Father Time

There is certainly much to juggle in the gaming world of Derelicts. Not only will players need to manage their inventory, but they also will need to deal with the turbulent forces of Mother Nature itself. This can either enhance the experience or drag it down. Only time will tell how the final product will look and play like. There is no release date in place for Derelicts. However, this IP is slated to be exclusive for PC, Mac, and Linux whenever it launches. Anyone that’s looking for a crafting survival game with a little bit of a horror flare to it should have this on their list.

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