The Five Best GTA 5 Cheats

Grand Theft Auto V comes with plenty of cheats to make the experience more entertaining for the player. However, such individuals should know that there are various methods by which cheats can be entered into the game. For instance, console players have the option of entering a sequence of buttons as well as the option of dialing the right numbers on their cell phones. Meanwhile, PC players have the additional option of entering the cheat into the console command prompt as well. Whatever the chosen method, cheats can provide players with a lot of fun, though they should know that using a cheat will make it impossible to either get something better than a Bronze rating or unlock trophies and achievements. Naturally, cheats are also limited to single-player use because cheat use in GTA Online would be disruptive to say the least. Here are five of the best cheats that can be found in Grand Theft Auto V:

Fast Sprinting

Sometimes, the best cheats aren’t the cheats that produce something spectacular that will wow the senses. Instead, the best cheats can be the ones that make playing the game less inconvenient, thus enabling players to focus on the fun parts while minimizing the rest. One excellent example can be found in Fast Sprinting, which enables players to move across vast distances in the game world at a faster speed than otherwise possible. As for unlocking it, well, the console command is “CATCHME.”

Raise Wanted Level

There are times when players will want nothing more than to take on the worst of what the game to throw at them. As such, those who want a fight should look at the Raise Wanted Level cheat, which will increase their Wanted Level by a single level with each use. Naturally, this means that before people enter “FUGITIVE” to make use of the Raise Wanted Level cheat, they should check to make sure that they have their favorite weapons, that they have sufficient ammo, and that they are prepared to take on whatever it is that the game chooses to throw at them once their Wanted Level is up.

Reduce Friction

The Reduce Friction cheat is meant for people who want to see what happens when a constant gets changed. This is because entering “SNOWDAY” does exactly what the name of the cheats say it does, meaning that players can expect to see cars sliding around like they were on frozen ice. Depending on the exact location, this can make for some pretty entertaining results.

Kraken Sub

For people who want a way to travel in the water in spectacular style, there is the Kraken Sub, which can be spawned by entering “BUBBLES.” It isn’t actually that much different from the Submersible when it comes to the depths that it can reach. However, it does have a big advantage in that it can go much, much faster, which is very important when striving to cross the map with maximum speed. Curiously, the glass canopy of the Kraken Sub is proof from bullets, which is something based on the real thing, which has a highly reinforced glass canopy because it needs to be capable of standing up to the high pressures of deep underwater.

Duke O’Death Car

Simply put, the Duke O’Death Car is a modified version of the Dukes. However, it has been modified so much that a comparison between the two isn’t particularly useful, with the single best example of those modifications being its armored exterior. This makes the Duke O’Death car an excellent choice when the player wants to go fast in straight lines, though if they want to brake or otherwise move in anything besides a straight line, it is a bit iffier. Those who want to take the Duke O’Death car for a ride can find it by participating in the Duel Random event. However, there is a much easier option in the form of entering “DEATHCAR” into the console, which should save them the necessity of either escaping or eliminating the rednecks that will be spawned because of the Duel Random event.

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