Relayer is a New Futuristic Tactical-RPG Coming this March

Relayer is a new title that centers on humankind warring with a hostile alien species called the “Relayers.” It takes place during the year 2051 when outer space is fully colonized and technology can only be powered by the stars. Hence, the only warriors that can take on the Relayers are people known as “Starchildren.” These beings have special powers that are mysteriously unfolding, which enables them to pilot particular exo-suits which are manufactured by Stellar gear. Of course, controlling these things is no small task, as these things are immense in size and are the only things that can battle the Relayers head-on. Take control of Luna, Dark Walker, Terra, and her droid friend Yodaka plus other members of the United Earth Government Forces to eliminate the Relayers once and for all. This game is a tactical RPG that has moments of real-time combat and almost unlimited customization options.

It is not every day that an RPG of this type gets developed. The talent behind Relayer, Kadokawa Games, is taking the approach behind Gundam and its ilk to create something entirely new. This is a new title for the PlayStation that is clearly aiming at a niche group of gamers out there. There is a lot to unpack by watching the newest trailer and Kadokawa Games have been kind enough to release a steady amount of footage throughout the months. The most recent trailer shows off some actual gameplay and gives players a good taste of how the game will look and feel. The art design looks clean and crisp, full of firey explosions and flashy combat. No doubt that this title will be heavily inspired by other anime properties and there is nothing wrong with that. Relayer seems to have all the goods to provide a unique stellar adventure full of mystery and intergalactic warfare.

Starchildren Gear Up

In Relayer, the Starchildren piloting the Stellar gear have the magical touch to make their mech suits do some out worldly things. Despite the fact that this tale takes place during the year 2051, futuristic weaponry won’t be enough to smite the extraterrestrial threat. These special abilities will be needed to fight the Relayers. One ability, in particular, is called “aggro.” This basically helps players know how easily the enemy can spot them. Thusly, this game will come with over 100 cutscenes showing various attacks and animations between the Relayers and the Stellar gear. Players will be able to use area clearing attacks called “The Big Bang” and “Backstab”, which is a sneaky piercing move. Of course, there will be a myriad of robot types to experiment with that have their own stats, abilities, and special moves.

Players will be taking control of entire squads of the Stellar gear to fight the Relayers that are stationed out throughout the cosmos. Not only that, but they will also be taking command of an entire starship called the Asterism. This vessel can be used to relocate the squads with interstellar travel. Upon release, this game will come with a Season Pass, which will provide a hefty amount of extra content. There will be things like a Story Mode, more robots, additional customization, and new equipment. Thus, there will be an entire soundtrack that players can listen to on the PlayStation at their leisure. On top of that, there will also be a Relayer theme for PlayStation 4 users. However, there won’t be any themes for the PlayStation 5. Themes aren’t really a factor for the next-gen console. At least, not yet.

Relinquishing The Relayers

The original plan was that Kadokawa Games was going to release Relayer this February. However, they decided to delay the release for one additional month. Hence, this game is now scheduled to drop this March. The reason for this is that the developers figured it would be more suitable to release the game worldwide all at the same time so one country wouldn’t have a leg up over the other. Of course, players can still pre-order this game to receive some bonus content. This especially includes a “rare item set” for Terra. Players will get; job points, a custom chip, Milky Way ship armor, and six custom weapons. This will certainly give players a boost with their squad, not to mention a running start with collecting the ocean of gear that this game will have.

It’s also worth pointing out that Relayer will be fully voiced. Both the physical and digital versions of this game will come with English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese voiceovers along with subtitles. Additionally, this game will be patched with other languages to accommodate its worldwide release. Shortly upon launch, this title will also come with Italian, French, Spanish, and German languages, respectively. Also, if players have a PlayStation 4 and decide to purchase the next-gen variation, then they can download the PlayStation 5 upgrade for free. Even though some games require a small fee to upgrade old games for the PlayStation, Relayer isn’t going to be one of them. It would be nice if other developers took this route instead of charging loyal PlayStation fans for simply wanting to experience a next-gen offering with older games.

Star Strategy

Gamers who are strategy buffs would certainly want to give Relayer a try. More notably, gamers who are fans of animes like Voltron and other interstellar opus’ will definitely find some joy in this IP. Even though this game is delayed for one more month, it will be all the better for it. There aren’t many RPGs of this type in the gaming market today and a new addition to this library is always welcomed. With that said, players won’t need to wait too much longer before its release. Relayer will offer hundreds of hours of galactic warfare which will seem like an endless jaunt in the grand scheme of things. Expect this game to come out on March 24th for the PlayStation home consoles. Luckily, this is only a few weeks away and fans of anime-inspired alien warfare will have something new to try out.

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