Riot’s Amazing Creative Team

What was once a simple game has grown into an unstoppable force, and much of that success is due to Riot’s creative team.  Not only have they given us a host of unique Champions, but plenty of graphical changes and game modes to boot!


In the past few years, we’ve seen everything from a Goat-man who’s able to go shopping from anywhere on the map, to multiple Champions who can run through walls – Something most of us thought would be impossible a few years ago. With so many exciting Champions it would be impossible to go over all of them, but we’ll try to cover our favorites.


Her ability to steal people’s Summoner Spells and actives is definitely the main reason Zoe’s so interesting, but she’s so much more than just that. If you thought Nidalee spears were bad, then try taking a Zoe bubble to the face. It will slow you for a few seconds before putting you to sleep, which is quite a hard stun. You need to escape before you fall asleep, or you probably won’t wake up again.

Along with all that, her ultimate lets her blink around the map. Definitely fun to play, but if you’re playing against her then keep a punching bag handy.

Xayah and Rakan

Technically not a single Champion, but they might as well be. These lovebirds are made to be together – literally. When Rakan is on the same team as Xayah, he can jump to her from a greater distance, and her W activates on him whenever he’s around! Their kits compliment each other too, and the fact that they can share a recall is super cute. Plus, it’s nice to finally have a mobile Support. We’d love more Champions that are made to be together, and hopefully Riot will release more in the future!


Unfortunately for Maokai, he’s no longer the coolest tree on the Rift.  Having a Jungler who releases camps instead or murdering them is a refreshing change – although the jungle monsters probably didn’t want to be forced out of their home.  He can also create brush, which is something we’ve wanted for a while, plus it makes Teemo even sneakier. Plus, he can send an enemy flying toward you if he lands his skillshot, and his Golem will crush anyone in her way.


A bit of an oldie, but Lulu’s still one of the most unique Champions out there. Not only was she the first and only Champion to Polymorph people into cupcakes, but the ability to fire her Q from different targets was an innovative idea that would pave the way for similar Champions in the future.  Not to mention how fun her Glitterlance and Whimsy combo is. She may be a Support, but chasing after her while she’s moving faster than a speeding Teemo is hard enough, but piled onto that are the slows she’ s spamming in your direction.

Now that we’ve seen how Champions have shaped the game, let’s take a look at the geography.

Map Updates

League of Legends has moved away from its cartoonish roots, evolving into a more realistic and beautiful art style. The map has gone through a ton of changes over its lifetime; Brushes have been trimmed, butterflies and squirrels have been added, and the camps have all had a makeover (Although the small camps will always be Golems and Wraiths to us.)

Some games lose players because of heavy changes to the graphics, as those players were only sticking around for the hit of nostalgia. Fortunately, League of Legends has never had that issue because the changes were quite subtle and added over time. Along with tidying up the landscape, Riot have made tons of technical changes over the years which we’ll take a look at now.

Everything can be improved with Dragons, and improved Dragons means an improved game.                              Although when Riot released Elemental Dragons it wasn’t something most of us thought we needed, yet  it changed the way League of Legends is played – still, some people think that the Dragon changes added another element of RNG to the game, and while that’s true, it’s healthy RNG.

Players are now forced to play around the Dragon for more than just gold. If the enemy team is packed with Champions like Ezreal, Anivia and Jayce then you’d better get that Ocean Dragon or get poked all the way back to your Nexus.

Of course Riots creative team have made plenty of other changes too, for instance the Urf game mode is insanely popular; What could be better than spamming abilities every second? And of course there’s a huge range of cool and cute skins, such as Dunkmaster Darius and Cottontail Teemo, all of which can be obtained when you buy a league of legends account.

Even with all the hard work they’re doing, people still moan at the creative team to stop making new skins and balance OP Champions, even though that’s the job of the balancing team. In a way it’s sort of like how some Marksmen blame their supports when the fault is really on them.

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