Warframe The New War Will Continue This Interstellar Opus

Warframe is a looter-shooter that was initially released in 2013 by developer Digital Extremes for the PC. Even though it may not hold a candle to other games of this genre like Borderlands, there’s still a niche group of gamers that enjoy it. This game centers on an ancient group of warriors called the “Tenno” that were somehow awakened from suspended animation. Without any memory of “The Old War”, the Tenno must scramble to reclaim their birthright of being supreme interstellar gladiators while fighting various factions that are peppered on Earth. This is just the basic plot that Warframe had upon launch, with frequent updates richening the lore during the subsequent years. Gamers have been clamoring for a story expansion and there happens to be something in the pipeline with “The New War” that is due to come out soon.

This free-to-play game has been out for a while and it’s starting to gain steam with the current generation of consoles. Since a new wave of players is starting to sink their teeth into this IP, it seems that a resurgence of popularity is starting to spike. Even though Warframe garnered fairly favorable reviews upon its release, it appears to be ironing out its kinks and becoming even more enthralling. Even though the developers have been committed to showing support with their title over the years, there have been some nagging plot holes lingering with the main story for some time. Hence, “The New War” is going to rectify all these issues later this year. One story element, in particular, will center around the ‘Sentients’ and what makes them such a commendable foe. This isn’t going to be some lightweight tacked-on expansion either, this update is going to bring some story additions of epic proportions.

Tenno Vision

This year’s Tennocon showcased a 30-minute demo that detailed how this expansion will play out. There has been some confusion on whether or not “The New War” will be open-world. Chances are that it won’t be, but the map that lays out the invasion of Cestus is indeed vast in scope. From what was shown in the demo, everything appears to be linear with wide areas to traverse in. The combat is going to be tweaked and will appear to be more cinematic within all the factions of the Teshin, Grineer, and Corpus. There will be various gameplay mechanics that will be layered with new nuances in which will be something entirely fresh. Thus, players will be jumping into the shoes of other characters and will explore the other side of things. Veso the Corpus survivor, Conclave Master Teshin, and Grineer Lancer Kahl-175 are going to be some of the playable characters available.

With the opportunity of playing characters from different factions, players will be able to explore just how the Sentinets are affecting everything from different perspectives. The story of Warframe has gotten so big throughout the years, focusing on just the Tenno is no longer feasible. These are more interesting angles to look into and this is what “The New War” will dig into. This expansion has been in development for several years and it aims to provide an emotional tale of the dismantling of the Origin System and the aftermath therein. Ever since the Chimera Prologue, which originally showed up in 2018, fevered fans of Warframe have been seeing something epic building up. Well, it seems that “The New War” is the peak of what has been accumulating since then.

The Old Ways

Another important story element that will be addressed will be the relationship between The Lotus and the Tenno. Even since “The Second Dream,” the plot twist that was dropped on players will also intertwine with “The New War” update. The developers painstakingly addressed all the plot holes that have been bugging fans for the last few years. This was no easy task, for sure. However, given that Warframe is a free-to-play game and it is still going strong today gives credence to the passion of the fans and developers alike. It is one of those games that is getting better with each year, much like Battlefront II did before Dice walked away from it. With that said, “The New War” is no doubt the biggest update that Digital Extremes has ever done for their IP.

Of course, much like any other update, there will be a slew of new gear and mechanics to find. Since players will be taking control of new characters from the other factions, this was a given. Hopefully, this update will usher in a new era with Warframe to where players can play as the different factions more frequently. From what was seen in the demo, playing as each of the characters provides a completely unique experience apart from the Tennos. It is almost like delving into totally different games that range from Dark Souls to Dead Space. Being able to play as Veso, Kahl-175, and Teshin clearly are akin to playing as a different class in an action RPG. Since Warframe does technically have RPG elements, this is an organic transition. There will also be an addition to the 48th Warframe to check out with this update, as well. This upcoming addition to this title will provide a treasure trove of new content.

The War Ahead

This expansion has been a long time coming. It was originally going to launch back in 2019, but unforeseen circumstances forced it to be postponed until 2021. Nonetheless, the wait is almost over. Before this update is launched, players that are sitting on the fence with this free-to-play game might want to go ahead and get a taste of it. There is a lot of meat to Warframe and it is possible that it slipped by on many gamers’ radar over the years. Anybody that is a fan of interstellar battles with biomechanical beings ravaging each other might want to take a gander at this title. Warframe: The New War is scheduled to drop this December with PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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