A Gallery of Video Game T-Shirts That Don’t Suck


Let’s face it, the world of video game apparel is for all intensive purposes, usually pretty awful. Shirts are cheesy and dorky, and you wouldn’t want to wear most of them out in public.

So I took it upon myself to find a gallery of video game shirts that do NOT suck, and let me tell you, it was quite the process. You may still think some of the scream uber-nerd, but I would wear most of these as to the untrained eye, they just look like regular shirts for the most part.

As always, your suggestions for ones I missed are appreciated.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


If you die while wearing this shirt, it drops a post-mortem grenade.

Gears of War


Probably would look best on a girl as boobs were made to go right into those circles there. I always wondered what those were, speakers?


This could very well be an Ed Hardy shirt if you added some tigers and glitter.

God of War


Dorky, but what an awesome graphic.



Just flat-out cool.

Halo 3


Very well done, though everyone knows the Spyker sucks ass.

Super Mario Bros.


Holy freaking shit. This wins the top prize for sure. Look at Yoshi!

Mega Man


I think this is for a band called “The Megas,” but whatever.

Mirror’s Edge


They forgot to finish…oh wait, I get it.


Another potential Ed Hardy. Needs more jaguars.


Is there a whole series of these? If so, can someone please find me the link?


I’m sure they sell this somewhere at Hot Topic, but I actually think it’s pretty funny.



No one but awesome people will understand this shirt.

Resident Evil


I actually bought this one when I saw it at Virgin. And that’s what I’ll stay if I wear it out in public! Hey-oh! Self-zing!

The Legend of Zelda


Time for some potion.


Simple and classic. The only way this could be better? If it was tattooed on your back.


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