The Five Best Characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Players who are really into “Fire Emblem” have a lot of characters to choose from in the game and it can be hard for beginners to know which are the best options for the most satisfying gaming experience. There are tons of students attending Garreg Mach and three houses, but which are going to rise above the rest of the herd? There’s a finite window of time for recruiting characters, before the time jump. The biggest question at the start of the game is to know which characters you should recruit. It’s not always apparent which characters will excel beyond the others. We’ve done the research to determine which characters will serve you best during the challenges you’ll face in the endgame. Here are the five best characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

5. Ingrid

According to Game Rant, a reliable resource for character analysis, Ingrid is one of the Blue Lions female companions. What makes her a good choice for recruitment is that she has some lofty aspirations for becoming a Knight. This character has the skills to experience some rapid advancement through the Soldier skills class. Another plus is that she is an adaptable character who has the potential to rise quickly and to fit into a variety of roles including airborne units down to Cavalry. She’s an excellent resource for gaining control of battlefield sectors. She is exceptional with Battalions when using a Gambit as Lady Knight gives her plus five damage plus 3 might. Arguably, she is one of the characters with the greatest potential for gaining the edge at the endgame.

4. Shamir

Shamir is a character that is distinguished from most others because she works for the Church of Seiros, and there aren’t many who do. She is recruitable to Byleth’s house, and he’s worthy of your consideration. You need to wait until Chapter 7. This is because Shamir becomes available around this point in the game. While most other characters possess specific skill requirements, this is not the case for Shamir. She possesses some pretty amazing marksman skills. Because of this, and she makes an excellent sniper marksman, especially during long-range combat. Shamir is one of the most exceptional characters at archery in “Fire Emblem.” If you’re looking for a strong endgame character, we do recommend Shamir.

3. Dedue

Game 8  picks Dedue as a unit that is best for endgame victory. Dedue maintains very well with strength and longevity. This character has a high defense stat with a lot of brawn. He emerges from a lot of battles without even sustaining harm. This is the kind of guy that you want to have on your side when you’re coming to the end of the game.

2. Hubert

The next best character on Game 8s list of the very best is Hubert. If you’re into Dark Magic skills Hubert is one of the best users of magic in Fire Emblem. His stats are nearly equal with Lysithea. Hubert is Marquess Vestra’s oldest son. He served Edelgard since childhood and is fiercely loyal. Hubert fell out with his father when he captured Emperor Ionius IX. He betrayed the legacy of House Vestra. Hubert escaped and survived, and is one of the few who knows about the despicable actions of the Flamer Emperor. Although his tier is ranked lower than Lysithea’s, he is a force to be reckoned with. He is exclusive to the BE route, and this is the factor that keeps his tier at a lower level, but still…

1. Lysithea

Millenium picks Lysithea as the number one character that is best to have for the endgame. She is an S Tier character who is overwhelmingly picked as the best recruitable character in Fire Emblem. Although we don’t mean to go on about her, as the top pick, there is some explanation and justification required. Lysithhea isn’t too hard to recruit so long as Byleth and Faith are not ignored. This character features two emblems. The Gloucester emblem is the best as it gives her regular increases in spell power, which is something that will help you at any point in the game. When you’ve surpassed Lorez’s annex, and if Lysithea has acquired a relic, she can equip it to double the range of the spells that she casts. In most cases, it will also lower the damage that it takes for an insidious edge on the competition. Lysithea has a high lifetime and power, which are both extra plusses. She has the most exceptional speed and magic stats that allows her to cast damaging spells on her targets. The only real drawback to Lysithea is her fragility. Her defense and health points are sublimely low, so you must care for her meticulously. Every hero has their tragic flaws, and unfortunately, these are two big ones for Lysithea.

Final thoughts

Of all of the recruitable characters in Fire Emblem’s Houses, these are the five best options. You can be successful with others, and when it comes down to selection, it’s really a matter of personal preference in deciding who you decide to recruit. The rankings of the five best characters in our list are a prime factor, along with their most outstanding features and potential for development. Your skill and strategic plan will have the greatest impact when you come to the point of the endgame, but it helps to know the strengths and weaknesses of your recruits. This gives you a better idea of what to expect from them so there are no nasty surprises if they show a tragic weakness you cannot compensate for. This is why we looked at the pros and cons whenever possible because there isn’t a perfect character in the game. That would remove all of the challenges and it would get boring. Best success in your choice of recruits.

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