The Top Five Anime Video Games That Aren’t Fighting Games

In recent years video games that are based on anime have seen a burst in popularity and nowadays any time one is announced there is a good amount of hype behind it. Unfortunately, the quality of the games isn’t always the best. And if they are good, then they are usually fighters. Like most movie tie-in games, some of these anime games that try to be different suffer from being rushed and seem like just a quick cash grab. Instead of being a labor of love, they seem to be just labor. But when they are made with love and time is put into them, they can be some of the most fun any gamer can experience. Not only that, but if you’re a fan of the anime then they are absolutely a must-play. To celebrate those games we decided to highlight the top five anime based on video games that aren’t fighting games. These are games that we have enjoyed as gamers and as fans of anime. They are games that have left us addicted and coming back for more. We hope you find your next favorite game here! Let’s get right into it.

Persona 5

Okay technically this one was a game before it was an anime, but honestly, this is the closest you’ll ever get to playing an anime. The foundation of the game itself is building social links, developing bonds with your companions, and capturing Personas to strengthen yourself and your team. Not to mention that it does so with addictive gameplay, beautiful visuals, and incredible character design. We’re seriously in love with everything that Persona 5 has to offer. It revolves around Akira and how sometimes doing the right thing in the wrong system can lead to your downfall. Akira tries to save a woman from being harassed by someone but he turns out to be a political powerhouse that gets him a criminal record and expelled from his normal school. So our protagonist is launched into a different city where an app suddenly appears on his phone which then launches him into a world of corrupt adults and personas. The story itself is enough to have you stuck to your controller for hours without end. Which is a good thing since completely the story will run you around 100 hours.

Dragonball Saga

Dragonball Saga is one of the first anime games we’ve played that wasn’t an anime fighting game. It takes you through the different saga’s in the world of Dragonball Z in what could be called an action-adventure game. What we really love about Dragonball Saga is that you feel like you’re the characters just playing along with the events of the story. The cutscenes and the battles all work together well to bring together this story. Nowadays you can play Dragonball: Kakarot to get that action RPG to feel but we just felt that it would be good to give some recognition to one of the pioneers of the action-adventure anime games.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

One Piece is one of the greatest stories ever written. Its author, Oda, knows how to keep their readers guessing and how to make an already amazing story addictive even with over a thousand chapters out. So with so many chapters, you’d need a game that is equally as robust to truly capture the hearts of the fans. Well, that’s where One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 comes in. Pirate Warriors 3 is exactly what it says it is, a warriors game set in the One Piece universe. For those that don’t know, Warriors-style games put you in a giant arena and have you duke it out with hundreds of enemies using powerful characters and potent abilities. One Piece does this and allows you to take control of one of their many characters and use their powers to clear our hundreds of enemies. From Luffy to Doflamingo, your options are endless. Not to mention that the game itself will take you through the story up until Cake Island. It’s really cool how it brings different characters to life and with how fun each character is to control and their respective dream islands which allow you to unlock new abilities for them, there really is a ton to do in this game.

Attack on Titan 2

Have you ever wanted to be part of the Scout Regiment and takedown titans? Well with Attack on Titan 2 you can do that and much more. Attack on Titan 2 lets you play through the story as a member of the Scout Regiment and allows you to use the gear to fly through the air and cut down titans. It features some RPG elements that will keep you coming back for more and grinding to get the best gear. Since it is the second one in the series it’s been fleshed out and the gameplay is incredibly fluid. It’s a lot of fun to swing around the map and get the timing right to come in for a finisher. Not to mention that in this one you are able to play as Eren Jaegar in his Titan form.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Digimon has always been a monster capture game that prides itself in its story. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is no different and features an interesting adventure where you fight to save the world through the world of the internet. It starts out with you becoming an avatar for an online community and finding new digital creatures to add to your team. The gameplay is simple but a lot of fun and really rewards the player for raising them right. Half of the game is capturing your favorite monsters and the other half is digivolving them into the ultimate team. Like any Digimon game that takes a lot of skill and patience. You’ll be constantly digivolving and devolving to make sure you get the right stats. Some of the more powerful Digimon require two Digimon to combine at max strength. It’s definitely a grind but one that we thoroughly enjoy.

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