The King Victorious

If you’re around my age, Donkey Kong was not one of the games you grew up playing, as it was just a bit before your time. And trying to go back and play it now? You watch King of Kong once and think you’re going to be Billy Mitchell Jr. and you end up dying halfway up the first level. It’s an insanely hard game, and one that makes every modern title pale in comparison.

I did always wonder what it would be like to be able to play as the monkey though. The game was the first appearance of both Mario and Donkey Kong, and before they decided to start competitive go-kart racing and playing tennis, things got a bit hairy, no pun intended. I would think that after fifty levels running up ladders, DK would just stop and say “I’m a goddamn gorilla!” and eat both Mario and his lady love on the spot. Thankfully artist Jason Edmiston has made that dream a reality.

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  1. Considering according to the original rulebook for Donkey Kong Mario beat DK horribly bad and repeatedly that he eventually snapped, I think that is a likely outcome.

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