Everything We Know about Destiny’s Official Cookbook


Have you been exploring the reaches of the universe with Destiny? We have, and it’s stunning. There’s so much going on int the Destinyverse it’s hard to decide what to do next, but one author knows precisely what we needed. A cookbook that promises you the chance to explore the culinary treats of Destiny is coming in 2020 from none other than Eva Levante herself, with help from Victoria Rosenthal. There’s a rich tradition of other gaming cookbooks in the past, and the recipes have been delightfully tasty. Victoria has written her share like The Fallout Vault Dwellers Cookbook. However, details on this cookbook are sparse at this point. Here’s everything we know about Destiny’s official cookbook so far.

Victoria Rosenthal

As an avid fan of both gaming and cooking, Victoria gets to live her dream as the premier gaming recipe guru. She first launched her Pixelated Provisions blog in 2012, and she’s been dreaming up recipes that recreate the tasty treats of various gaming worlds ever since. That’s not all this delicious author does. When she’s not in the kitchen or gaming at home with her husband and their corgi, Victoria develops graphics for NASA. Talk about out-of-this-world. We couldn’t be more jealous of her stellar career choices!

However, if her previous publications and posts are any indication, this cookbook is going to be just brimming with goodness. We loved Victoria’s GTA Cluckin’ Delicious Chicken wraps. Naturally, we can’t wait to try our hand at whatever recipes this whimsical cookbook might provide. In fact, we’re pretty sure that when our pre-order comes in, we’ll be throwing a theme LAN party with some friends and that fried chicken that’s on the cover. Naturally, we’ll make sure to have plenty of Vex milk on hand for folks to wash it all down with.

Eva Levante

Poor Eva Levante has a tragic backstory, but she sure can cook. This Guardian and outfitter from the tower will lend her own unique perspective to the story of the Destiny Cookbook. We don’t want to compare her to the famous Tita of Like Water For Chocolate, but they do share an affinity for cooking and a certain sorrowful tone. When Eva was trying to make her way to The City, she lost her husband and child along the way. So long before there was a Festival of the Lost or a tower for Eva to work from, she was a surrogate mother to many as she helped outfit wandering guardians. Naturally, as time progressed, Eva worked her way up to being known for her finely crafted clothing and gorgeous emblems.

The Festival, which she hosted, has a special place in Eva’s heart because of her own departed, but also because it reminds the Guardians what and who they are fighting for in the crazy post-apocalyptic universe. Humanity almost ended up lost as a whole, and the remains are still struggling to help the Traveler who gave them the ability to visit the stars.

With a little hard work, and a whole lot of love for the survivors and especially the Guardians, Eva is sharing her home-cooked secrets. Doubtless, she’s as good at cooking as she is at sewing and crafting, so the Destiny Cookbook promises to be a tasty reminder that even in the darkest of times, all is not lost. People can still come together over a good meal and share something like the traditions of old with her recipes to help and guide them along the path.


After the Collapse, the Traveler came to us from beyond the stars to give humans the chance to reach out beyond their decimated world. Of course, not everyone has left, and wherever we go, people carry particular quirks and customs with them. Moreover, it seems like cooked and shared meals are one of the things people everywhere can appreciate.

As Guardians, the defenders of The City seek to protect their own, like the Traveler did when it helped us, they must face many challenges. Getting a good glass of Vex milk isn’t the only thing that can be difficult. With the Darkness, ancient enemy of the Traveler destroying our world and others, there’s much to do in the worlds of Destiny. Between The Fallen, The Hive, The Cabal, and even the Vex themselves, there are plenty of species out there who have learned as much from the Darkness as we learned from the Traveler.

Whether you play a Titan, Warlock or Hunter, you certainly have to fight hard to find your place in the Universe, and save what’s left of humanity. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to eat gruel. There are tons of intriguing food references in Destiny to draw from. Now you can take them off the screen and put them in your mouth. It’s not Willy Wonka magic, but the hand, and cooking skills of Eva and Victoria you have to hank for that. Of course, you’ll have to find the ingredients and try not to burn The City down when you make these new culinary wonders.

What’s for Dinner?

When it comes to the actual recipes inside, we have no clue whatsoever what they will be. Victoria, Bungie, and the publishers have been keeping that secret until the Destiny Cookbook hits shelves on August 4, 2020. We know there will be step-by-step instructions and full-color photos to aid you in your quest for the perfect meal. The cover of the book has been released, and it appears to show off some delectable looking fried chicken, a red cabbage coleslaw, bread, and a bowl of spherical balls that could be any number of different things from falafel to corn nuggets or something far stranger. Regardless, it all looks, well good enough to eat, not to be too cliched about it. If you’re as excited about this book as we are, then you can preorder now for about thirty-five dollars.

Final Thoughts

We can’t wait to taste more of Victorias whimsically nerdy game based recipes. Filling our kitchen with exotic spices and home-cooked goodies is always a favorite topic around the holiday season. The only downside is waiting until August to get our hands on the 8×10 hardbound book. Still, by this time next year, we’re sure that most of the recipes will be a staple in our kitchen. We can’t wait for a taste of Destiny!

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