Failed Diablo 3 Character Classes

Every wonder why Diablo 3 is taking so long? Well the character class creation process has been a long one, and it’s hard to please all your fans.

IGN uncovered this string of emails of the design team communicating with a young fan, and they try to appease him the best they can.

Check out the exchange below. I do wish HalfTankMan was actually in the game, that would be pretty rad.

Isn’t this kid a bit young to be Diablo’s target audience? Well it is 2010 I suppose. What’s parenting?

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  1. we all love getting these mails i am sad i only heard rumors of Anthonys requests but we had a laugh and well who knows half tank man may be ripping trough the hordes off demons later on!

    Regards Blizzard

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