10 Things You Never Knew about Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon's Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma is one game that is quite thrilling, and its players are ever-increasing due to the modification of previous versions. Some players are however not happy with the elimination of some features of earlier versions of the game in the modern version. A closer look into Dragon’s Dogma will help you realize that newer versions are what to watch out for and most of the previous versions were just a teaser. There are plenty of secrets in the game that may remain undiscovered by the players. To save you from the trouble of missing out some of the essential aspects of the game, here are ten facts about the game that you need to know.

1. Berserk Armor is absent

Unlike the previous version of Dragon Dogma, the game released in 2016 had some of the things left out because of copyright laws. The developers removed Berserk Armor due to licensing agreements, and the sets of armor are only available in the previous versions. The removal of the shield was not exciting to most of the gamers as they found it more enjoyable with the armor. According to The Nexus Forum, some of the players are still requesting for its reinstatement.

2. The pawns are free

Pawns are one of the best features in Dragons Dogma. They have been made open to assist gamers in navigating through the game, and party members are free to customize and share them. They are handy when it comes to collecting resources since mining ores can be very tedious in the game. With the use of pawns, all is made easy. Many players are not aware of this component of the game that makes it livelier. The pawns will give the player more time to focus on the fun aspects of the game since they will not have to spend more time mining on the hard surfaces.

3. Pawns act as lanterns

When in the dark, you will need light to assist you in stabbing or shooting things in the dark. The pawns do not only help in mining but also act as lanterns. As a player, you do not have to strain to have a torch since the pawns will take up the task once you are in the dark. The gamer will give the pawns the lanterns, and they will assist in the night. The lamps of the pawns neither consume oil nor need refueling, and hence you need to put your pawns into use, and you will feel the effect of the light.

4. Your pawn will catch you upon jumping

Jumping is risky, and it might lead to injury of the game character; therefore, sometimes in the game, you can endanger your character when you jump from a high place. The pawn comes in handy in this situation to save the game character from damage. When the character jumps from a high place, the pawn will catch and protect the game character. It is advisable to stay near the pawns during a fight since you might not know what will happen next.

5. Size of the character matters

They say size does not matter, but the size of the game characters in Dragon’s Dogma matters a lot. According to Steam Community, the size influences weight, stamina, and speed. The larger characters have better resistance to physical damage but low magical defense. A smaller game character, on the other hand, can defend itself through magical ways but will be less resistant to physical damage. The gamer needs to choose a medium character to get a balance between physical security and magic defense.

6. Open world chest is not much useful

The chests in Dragon’s Dogma have treasures, but not all of them are important; some are more useful than others. The chests that a gamer finds quickly are not much rewarding compared to the chests that are hidden. Like in a typical mine, the precious minerals need to be exploited deep beneath. As a gamer, make sure that you explore the hidden chests access the more valuable treasure.

7. You can miss some quests if you rush

The extension of Dark Arisen in the game has made the Dragon’s Dogma even longer. Some of the gamers will take it slow, and they can access more quests and areas. Lost and found is a journey that opens up a new space in the game but will not be available upon completion of Lure of the Abyss. Once you miss the quest, you can start again, and you will enjoy the new game once you are there.

8. Pinning down of harpies

A gamer can pin down harpies since they can be annoying on the game. According to Fandom, pinning them down makes them incapacitated. These harpies make use of their advantage to fly to harass you as you navigate the field. Instead of making use of the pawns, you can eliminate them directly. When you make use of a strong character, then you can easily impede them, which will slow their disturbance on your mission.

9. Gamers can engage in crime

We were warned that crime does not pay, but in this game, it does. In the game of Dragon’s Dogma, you can always participate in a crime. The player can also do this to the wandering road of lone pawns. It requires you to have the best skills to steal, and you can mug and pickpocket the pawns. The crime is done to get the cash and weapons from the pawns. The items that you take depend on the class of the pawns, and sometimes you can be lucky to get more superior weapons from them.

10. Pawns are equipped with artificial intelligence

The pawns have artificial intelligence, and they can learn from you. According to the game’s Frequently Asked Questions, if you set them well, they will play the game for you. They are programmed to learn more from the behavior of the player. Once they learn the tactics that the player employs, they will make use of the same tactic. They sometimes set up enemies for you to attack having known your strengths in the game. Through the mimicry, they assist you in fighting monsters.

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