Virtual Car Crashes Getting Even More Crunchy with CryEngine 3


CryEngine is usually focused on how many pores you can see on the back of your hero’s neck, or how many dew drops can sit on a leaf before they tumble off, but as it turns out, they’re trying to do things to advance the mechanical realm as well.

This is a tech demo that shows the next evolution of the Burnout series, or I suppose any game that has vehicles that need to be damaged. It’s a crash test dummy simulator of what happens when a shitty pick-up truck meets an immovable object, and the result is the most advanced car damage we’ve ever seen in the virtual realm.

Now, can we run two of these things at each other? Or possibly into a person?

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  1. To me video game tech demos are like watching movie trailers. Its not here yet but it will be. Burnout will most defintely be using this, CRYENGINE 3 is EA.

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