So, Who Wants to Save the Sun in Skyrim?


Behold, the first real piece of Skyrim DLC: Dawnguard. It’s a game we’ve probably all put behind us by now, but the new DLC model attached to every AAA game means we’ll have a reason to pick it up again soon.

The question is, will you? “Dawnguard” appears to have you taking sides between vampires and vampire hunters, and you have to choose whether you want to be a flying winged demon or…shoot a crossbow. C’mon now, that’s not even fair.

The vampires want to kill the sun so they can presumably walk around all the time, and you have to help/stop them I assume. With Diablo fatigue setting in, this might be a good change of pace. Time to delete shit off my Xbox hard drive to make room!

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  1. No room for vampires and werewolves in skyrim! Looks like the sun gets to rise once more for my first play through. Any set date for its release?

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