The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of All-Time

The Nintendo Switch has been out for a few years and even though it isn’t as technologically advanced as the PS5 or the Xbox Series X, it has still made its mark in the gaming world and had some incredible games come to the system. This should come as no surprise to many because of how incredibly well Nintendo has done in cultivating its in-house series. Samus, Mario, Link, Kirby, Fire Emblem, Donkey Kong, and Pokemon. Each of these names holds the power to sell a million units without the release of a trailer. Just the name. It’s how carefully Nintendo has crafted its brand and its franchisees. Nintendo is a gaming company that doesn’t just look to make the next big step in gaming. They look to innovate and change the world of consoles. The Wii introduced motion-controlled gaming. The Switch brings a console that is not only ideal for playing at home but also for mobile gaming. You’re able to dock it and connect it to a larger television for a more at-home experience. The games that truly shine are the ones that manage to make the most out of the console so today we’re highlighting the ten games that do it best. This is our top ten Nintendo Switch games list!

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It would feel wrong if the first game on our list was anything but Breath of the Wild. When we said that Nintendo games come and change the scope of things from time to time, we meant it. With Breath of the Wild, Nintendo opted for an open-world adventure that dropped players into it and allowed them to just explore. Players were allowed to mold their own games. They were just dropped into the world of Breath of the Wild and allowed to experience it. It’s a type of game that inspired other games to follow suit. Immortals Fenyx Rising and Genshin Impact feel very similar to Breath of the Wild which is a great thing. Now we’re just waiting for Pokemon to adapt the same style and allow us to experience the Pokemon world like never before.

Super Mario Odyssey

Odyssey introduced some exciting new dynamics to the world of Super Mario by making his iconic hat a playable game mechanic that completely changed the way we played. Cappy, allows you to cap-jump, cap-throw, and even capture enemies and control their movements for a short while.

Animal Crossing

The social simulation game that has taken the world by storm. It’s a game that really just lets you sit down and breathe. To relax and build your town. With “Friendly faces like Tom Nook and Isabelle will lend their services and happily help you grow your budding community. Escape to your island getaway—however, whenever, and wherever you want.” Players are able to focus on building their own village and tend to it whenever they have time. It’s a game that doesn’t require you to drop hundreds of hours into for you to shine. It’s just a nice time.

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 has made itself a top game in a Nintendo console too many times in a row. It’s just that good. But at this point, we believe that the eight in Mario Kart actually stood for Mario Kart infinity, and we are doomed to never see a sequel again. But that’s okay because Mario Kart 8 continues to deliver and is to date, still, a must-have for all Nintendo Switch owners.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

There can not be a Nintendo console without a Super Smash Bros game. There just can’t be. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the best game you can get on the Nintendo Switch. It’s perfect for parties. Perfect for just solo players that want to traverse the story and unlock new characters. Nintendo has perfected the brawler formula and with Super Smash Bros Ultimate it has brought forth the largest roster in a Smash Bros game to date. It just recently announced that Sora from Kingdom Hearts would be added to the mix. Something that is sure to make fans around the world happy.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

With Mario always hogging the limelight, it was time for his taller brother to get his own shine. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a two-player adventure puzzle game that puts Luigi in a haunted mansion where he must solve puzzles and avoid haunting foes to complete his mission.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fire Emblem has always been incredible at storytelling and with Three Houses they’ve really pushed the boundaries of where they can take a game. The story will keep you invested while the gameplay will keep you coming back for me. Begging you for one more battle. It’s one of our favorite games on any console and one that everyone should enjoy.

Ring Fit Adventures

Who said that playing video games couldn’t get you a six-pack? Ring Fit Adventures brings in a new way to enjoy games with the ring controller which will have you pulling and pushing your way to victory. You’ll be jogging, sprinting, and jumping your way as you try to build energy and defeat enemies and bosses. Even though the main concept around Ring Fit Adventures is using the Ring Fit to exercise, the story itself is also engaging and interesting.

Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars bring back everything that we loved from the original Mario Party games and hands it to us in a culmination of all things wonderful. It’s the most fun we’ve had with a Mario Party game in years and seeing the old boards updated is a nice hit of nostalgia for us longtime fans.

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise takes everything that we love from Monster Hunter World and adds a grappling hook which makes an already incredible game even better. Alongside the grappling hook, Monster Hunter Rise also introduces a new animal companion called a Palamute which allows you to ride on its back and further changes up the gameplay style.

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