A Guide Into Monster Hunter World Decorations

Monster Hunter World Decorations

Decorations have more than just decorative use in Monster Hunter World. This is because said items can be placed in slots on on the player’s weapon as well as the player’s pieces of armor for the purpose of providing them with new skills as well as boosting their existing skills. Interested individuals can unlock decorations once they have unlocked high-rank missions, so it should come as no surprise to learn that they can get more decorations by playing more high-rank missions.

Why Do You Want to Use Decorations?

Players can get away with ignoring decorations for low-level missions. However, as monsters become more and more powerful, it becomes more and more important for interested individuals to stack the odds in their favor as much as possible. As such, decorations are a great way for players to make high-level missions more manageable than otherwise possible.

This is particularly true because there is a wide range of decorations with a wide range of effects. As a result, decorations aren’t limited to just providing interested individuals with a numerical bonus. Instead, the smart and strategic use of decorations can boost hunter capabilities in just about every aspect, meaning that just about every player can find them useful.

What Are the Decorations Available to Interested Individuals?

For starters, it is important to note that decorations are divided up into four tiers. Furthermore, the decoration slots on the player’s weapons as well as pieces of armor can accommodate decorations of the same rank as them as well as decorations of a lower rank than them but not decorations of a higher rank than them. As such, the rarity of decoration slots plus the number of rarity slots are two more factors that interested individuals should consider when it comes to their load-out.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, higher-tier decorations are rarer than lower-ranked decorations. However, it is unknown whether there are rarities within each tier in the sense that some decorations are more common drops than other decorations of the same tier. This is because Capcom has never released said information, thus making it a matter of much speculation. Regardless, players who want to get higher-tier decorations can increase their chances of high-tier drops by playing more and more difficult missions. To be exact, they should be playing tempered monster missions with Hunter Ranks of 14, 30, and 50 or higher if they want to maximize their chances of getting their hands on first, second, third, and fourth-tier decorations.

The first tier of decorations are useful but tend to be rather situational in nature. For instance, this is where interested individuals can find decorations that will boost their resistance to various elements as well as various status effects, which are very useful when they are facing monsters for which those are a concern. However, there are a number of first-tier decorations that come with other situational benefits as well, with examples ranging from Heavy Artillery that increases the damage done using cannons and ballistas to Palico Rally that increases the capabilities of Palicos. On the whole, interested individuals won’t find a lot of very exciting effect in first-tier decorations, but chances are good that they will get a lot of use out of them anyways. Primarily, this is because resistances are just that useful when it comes to fighting particularly powerful monsters with particularly notable elemental or status effect moves. However, there are also a couple of first-tier decorations such as Botanist, Entomologist, and Geologist that can help interested individuals collect more materials.

Moving on, the second tier of decorations are where interested individuals can load up on buffs for their player characters. For example, if they want more health, this is where they can find Health Boost. Likewise, if they want to increase either the power of a non-elemental weapon, the power of an elemental weapon, or even the effectiveness of status effects, this is where they might want to cast their gaze. Besides these, there are a number of other second-tier decorations that can come in use for a wide range of players under a wide range of circumstances. One example would be Speed Eating, which can be a life-saver when players need to heal themselves as fast as possible so that they can get back into the fight. Another example would be Quick Sheath, which enables players to put away their weapons faster than otherwise possible. On the whole, the second tier of decorations are another tier that interested individuals can get plenty of use out of, particularly if they are seeking to boost their attack as much as possible.

Meanwhile, the third tier of decorations offer the kind of benefits that one would expect to see on high-level armor sets. Unsurprisingly, this means that they are very powerful, particularly when they are paired with those high-level armor sets. One example of third-tier decorations is Attack Boost, which is just a straight-up enhancement to attack as well as affinity. Another example of third-tier decorations is Resentment, which raises attack after taking damage that can be recovered. On top of them, there is Stamina Surge, which can be a huge deal for stamina-hungry weapons because it increases the rate at which stamina recovers.

Finally, there is the fourth tier of decorations, which can provide players with big boosts to their damage-dealing capabilities as well as the overall capabilities of their player-character. This is the tier in which interested individuals can find decorations that offer everything from making their critical hits more powerful and making their explosive weapons more powerful to increasing their maximum charge level for their bow and increasing the rate at which their weapons charge. Fourth-tier decorations are the most powerful decorations in the game, but they are so in a way that doesn’t make their lesser counterparts useless.

Where Can You Farm Decorations?

On a final note, while interested individuals can get decorations by just playing through higher-ranked missions, there are some places that are better for farming than others. In particular, they will want to keep an eye out for an event mission called The Name’s Lavasioth!, which is even better than the event mission called The Greatest Jagras. Simply put, these missions drop a lot of decorations, though they are still best when their respective monsters are captured rather than slain.

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