Thank You Nate Hallinan, For Bringing a Childhood Nightmare to Life


Artist Nate Hallinan has illustrated what it might look like if Nintendo survives long enough to make a Zelda game with anything approaching fantastic, non-cartoonish graphics. He’s gone back to Ocarina of Time and remade versions of a few characters in the game, most pressingly the “Skulltula,” the skull spider that haunted my dreams during my entire playthrough of the game as a kid. And sometimes still today, in fact.

He also did some slightly less scary versions of Deku and a Goron which you can check out below, but do me a favor and send the above picture to someone you hate. It couldn’t be more terrifying if it was one of the trick GIF images where a horrifying face jumps out at you. Or maybe it is one….keep looking.

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