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On November 18, 2011, the 3D sandbox-style video game known as Minecraft created by Markus Persson, was released. The hype of this game began in May 2009 when Mojang Studios first made the public announcement of an upcoming sandbox game that would feature a blocky creation of a 3D world players could discover and exploit. Since its release, Minecraft has become the best-selling video game in history as it has sold over 238 million copies and has a monthly user list of 140 million active players. The game features a number of different modes that can either be a player against the game-generated opponents or as player versus player (PVP). As a player, you can either go solo, or team up with a party in a collaborative effort to defeat opponents, collect crafting material, and simply enjoy as many adventures as possible while gaming.

There are other game modes in Minecraft that include a creative mode where players have access to unlimited resources, as well as access to flight. There’s also a survival mode where players need to collect resources and build their own world but survive the elements involved. If these modes aren’t enough for the player, there is the option to modify the game to create new dynamics that come across as the most appealing. Depending on what sort of challenges you’d like to face as a player, it’s entirely up to you how you want to go about it. It is for these very reasons why Minecraft is so appealing to millions of players.

As a game, Minecraft is so critically favored that it has won many awards from the gaming industry and has since been recognized as one of the greatest video games ever created. There are now Minecon conventions, which have since added even more popularity to the game, as have social media groups and other fan sites that literally dedicate much of their gaming passion straight into Minecraft. Minecraft also serves as an educational game, ideal for children of all ages as there are lessons to be learned about chemistry, computer-aided design, and computer science. This game has so much value going for it that it comes as no surprise Microsoft purchased Mojang and the Minecraft franchise in 2014 at $2.5 billion USD. Since then, there has been a number of spinoffs related to the original game.

Minecraft Worlds

With now over a decade’s worth of gameplay among millions of players worldwide, there has been a spawn of many fan-based websites that dedicate all of their content to Minecraft. This includes the development of worlds some of the players have created and shared. Some of it is made available as either free or fee-based downloadable content. While these talented players have graced a number of fan pages that have dedicated their effort to customized content, the main developers of Minecraft have also been hard at work with new content of their own. The Gamer is a good site to locate some of the best of that customized work by fellow Minecraft fans, should anybody be interested in seeing what’s been developed there.

Minecraft Nether World

The Nether is a dimensional world Minecraft introduced to the game in 2019. Since then, the new breath of life that’s been given to the game itself has become the new hotbed of activity, no pun intended. The world is flowing with lava and features a world of fungus-based vegetation and a number of exclusive materials and structures not found in any of the other Minecraft worlds. This fiery environment is also riddled with hostile mobs. However, in order to access this Nether World, the player needs to create a specialized portal in the Overworld. No other portal methods will work. Only the crafted Nether Portal will.

In order to create this portal, the player will need a rectangular Obsidian frame that ranges in size from a four-by-five block measurement, up to a twenty-three by twenty-three block measurement. Once this frame has been built, the player can now activate it by placing fire within its frame by using whatever ignition method possible. Once this portal is created, most of the entities within the game can transport to a portal already set up in the Nether World after standing in front of it fur four seconds. What cannot travel through this portal are those who are riding, or being ridden. Neither the Ender Dragon nor the Wither can pass through, either.

Once the animation process is complete during the teleportation process, the player can then step away from the portal and proceed. These portals can be destroyed by simply breaking the obsidian frame, or from a nearby explosion. The use of water or lava in the Overworld with a bucket or dispenser will also work. Breaking the blocks located in the corners of the portal can be destroyed without losing the portal itself. According to Fandom, most of the creatures in the Nether are hostile and dangerous. However, despite the dangers, a whole new world of adventuring excitement awaits for the player to explore and see what they can do.

Bedrock Edition Issue

In the Old World type of the Bedrock Edition, there is no option to construct a Nether Portal. This will have to be done through a cheat so you can place the portal block and it will have the same borders as the Overworld, which is 256 by 256. This route enables the player to spawn outside the Nether world barrier.

New World of Nether

Thanks to the Nether update from Minecraft, there has been a significant change to how the game is played, all because of the material known as Netherite. This is the game’s strongest material, as well as the most durable, which comes in handy as the world in Nether is treacherous with lava hallows and a number of other fiery hazards.

Netherite Armor

In the gaming world of Minecraft, the Netherite Armor is seen as a stronger and longer-lasting armor that’s designed to be more durable. It also has a higher knockout resistance value. Each piece of this Netherite Armor has twelve percent more durability than the Diamond Armor pieces and provides one more point of knockout resistance. When the character is fully equipped with an entire set of the Netherite Armor, sometimes there’s no knockback against it at all. From head to toe, the point value of each equipment item of this special armor is as follows:

  • Helmet
  • Three points of defense
  • Three points of armor toughness
  • 407 points of durability
  • One point of knockback resistance
  • Chestplate
    Eight points of defense
  • Three points of armor toughness
  • 592 points of durability
  • One point of knockback resistance
  • Leggings
    Six points of defense
  • Three points of armor toughness
  • 555 points of durability
  • One point of knockback resistance
  • Boots
    Three points of defense
  • Three points of armor toughness
  • 481 points of durability

One point of knockback resistance

When fully equipped with the entire set of Netherite Armor, your character earns itself an eighty percent damage reduction bonus, as well as a bonus of four knockback resistance points, and 2035 points of durability. This is a significant increase from a full Diamond Armor set can provide, which is only 1815 points. In addition to the sheer improvement in numbers as far as the equipment stats go, they’re also one hundred percent lava-proof. So, should your character take a wrong step into any kind of fire, such as what’s located at Mount Doom, everything your character needs is right there for the usage. However, you need to obtain these before it despawns.

Netherite’s Enchantments

When at level fifteen, the Netherite Armor offers a fifty percent increase than the Diamond Armor’s ten in enchant ability. Not only does this increase the likelihood of superior enchantments, but it also makes the armor tougher and more durable. While Gold’s level is twenty-five, the Netherite Armor set still comes out on top as the superior setup when it’s fully enchanted.

Netherite Armor Recipe Book

As you know, Minecraft’s Ancient Debris is very rare to come by. Fortunately for you as a player, crafting a full set of Netherite Armor from twenty-four Netherite Ingots is not something you have to worry about. Instead of enduring that kind of grind, what you will be doing is upgrading what you’ve got, starting with four Netherite ingots, as well as a full Diamond Armor set. The recipe pattern is simply upgrading the diamond equivalent of each item with just one ingot applied per item.

However, Netherite Ingots do have to be crafted, either from the game’s Ancient Debris, Gold, and Netherite Scraps or become fortunate enough to find some from the Bastion Remnant chests as loot. However, hands down, the crafting route would be your better option to take. In order to make the Netherite Ingots, you will first require a block of Ancient Debris. These can then become smelted, which will provide you with two Netherite Scraps. On their own, they’re merely an intermediate item that is designed to merge with the gold, then crafted into Netherite Ingots. In order to craft a single Netherite Ingot, you will need four of these Netherite Scraps and four gold ingots. The most difficult part about this entire procedure is locating the extremely rare Ancient Debris. At only 1.7 blocks per chunk, acquiring the needed amount of Ancient Debris can be an extremely daunting task of grinding away in Minecraft so you have enough of this stuff to do what you need to do.

Acquiring Ancient Debris

You need the Ancient Debris in order to get that Netherite Armor. You can mine for it, but you will need the Diamond Pickaxe to do it. You also have to descend to anywhere between Y7 to Y21 in the Nether as this is where that Ancient Debris is located. This is an immensely tedious task as this debris is very rare to come across and there are only one or two veins that come from a chunk. Because the Ancient Debris is never generated in exposed air, you need to dig for it. This procedure only gives an average occurrence of 1.7 Ancient Debris per chunk, and only goes up to a maximum of thirteen between the bordered veins of conjoined chunks.

The further you descend in the mine, the better, as it’s really not until Y15 that you will see the highest concentrated amount of the Ancient Debris. The quickest method to build up your Ancient Debris supply is to explode the beds that are found in the Nether, namely Netherrack, and have a more devastating impact than using TNT. Since the stuff has an extremely high blast resistance rating, there is no need to worry about destroying them. Making these explosive beds only requires three pieces of wool and three planks of wood. Once these beds are made, go find a cave and drop the bed. Make sure to run away from that bed as once it explodes, the surrounding area will literally get blown apart. This method is the most effective way to mine the needed Ancient Debris so you can craft the full set of Netherite Armor, plus all the correct tools you need to make it.

Looting Netherite Material

There’s also the grinding effort of looting Bastion Remnant chests to get your hands on Netherite Ingots and Netherite Scraps. However, the generic chests and the Hoglin Stable chests only have a two percent drop rate in the Bedrock and Java editions. As for the treasure chests, there is a one in six chance of seeing a Netherite Ingot or Netherite Scrap becoming available. Although they’re still not the greatest odds, it’s at least something to work with. The only real downfall with this method is it feels like stepping into a casino, not knowing if luck will be on your side or not. With only a one in fifty shot of winning any Netherite Ingots or Netherite Scraps from the loot chests, these aren’t exactly promising odds. The one in six chance offered by the Bastion Remnants Treasure chests are slightly better, which may seem decent enough, but if you don’t want to grind away at the game so much just to get your hands on the Netherite, then mining is the best way to go.

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