Callisto Protocol: The Best Weapons to Use

With the Callisto Protocol now tearing its way across the gaming landscape, gamers worldwide are enjoying the carnage in Black Iron Prison. Jacob Lee can be a fairly resourceful guy, but sometimes having the wrong weapon at the wrong time can spell his doom. There is a total of 9 different weapons to find in this game. However, some are clearly more effective than others. Sometimes players need some hints on which tool is worthy to commit to and this guide will help separate the wheat from the chaff.

Now, the most common comparison to Callisto Protocol is with Dead Space, and rightfully so. Especially, since the original talent from the latter IP worked on this game. Even though there are some similarities in the tone and combat, what sets this game apart is the heavy emphasis on melee. In this game, Jacob Lee can stand toe to toe with the biophages with his trusty stun baton. Even though this is a useful item, it is commonly used as a last resort. Hence, there are more destructive ways to destroy the biophages in this game and they are indeed worth hunting down to add to Lee’s arsenal.

Now, with Callisto Protocol, players simply just “find” guns like in DOOM or COD. Instead, they must be created via a 3D printer through the use of schematics. Even though all weapons, including the stun baton, can be upgraded there can be powerful weapons to find in their default setting. The following list will explain which weapons players should seek out and where to find their schematics.

Riot Gun

The Riot Gun is the closest thing to a shotgun that a player will find in Callisto Protocol. It is ideal for crowd control and pushing back hordes of enemies. Not only does it have a good spread, but it also comes with devastating damage output. Players won’t need to scour Black Iron Prison to find the schematic for this gun. It will be given to them once they reach Chapter 5 as an automatic unlockable by playing the campaign.

When fully upgraded, the Riot Gun can fire explosive bullets, tearing apart biophages fairly easily. Thus, this gun comes with an alternate fire, which can one-shot enemies throughout the entire game. Just make sure the sights are lined up perfectly for maximum damage. Most notably in the center of the torso or at the head.

The Skunk Gun

The Skunk Gun is the junior variation of the Riot Gun. It basically acts as a shorty shotgun in Jacob Lee’s hand. The schematic for it is found in Chapter 3. Once Lee makes his way down into a basement, and fights a slew of enemies, he will need to find a fuse. This will be a part of the storyline, so it’s hard to miss. Instead of unlocking the door adjacent to Lee to progress through the story, head back to be beginning of the chapter.

There will be a lock on the wall which requires the fuse to unlock it. So, use the fuse to open the door and head into that room. Climb through the vent and make way to the next room. This is where the Skunk Gun schematic will be located. It comes with a widespread fire, however, it does come with a small magazine. So, players will need to really aim carefully and not miss. Once fully upgraded, the Skunk Gun can fire homing bullets that will chase down enemies and tear them apart.

Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle offers one of the only options in Callisto Protocol to “spray and pray.” The schematic for this rifle can be found at the beginning of Chapter 7. Once players reach Midtown, there will be a segment where they will need to activate an elevator. Look for a ladder and climb up. Once they reach the top, head through the General Store and head into the bathroom next to it. Inside is where the schematic will be found.

The Assault Rifle only shoots in three-round bursts. This weapon comes in handy for intimate situations. Especially, when there is more than one enemy to take out. It is best if players save this rifle for bigger enemies and bosses. Once it is fully upgraded, it can fire upgraded bullets that will home in on the biophages.

The Hand Cannon

This gun will be automatically given to players in Chapter 2 of the game. So, there is no way that they can miss it. This will be the first gun that Jacob will have during the story. However, given that this is Lee’s default firearm, this is nothing to snuff at. The Hand Cannon can pack a punch. Even though there may be more alluring weapons to find, it is nice knowing that this firearm will always be around. So, it is a good idea to fully upgrade this weapon so that it can have a bigger magazine slot and have a bigger impact.

Thus, the Hand Cannon can blow chunks off the biophages without any problems throughout the course of the game. Even though there are other weapons to find in Callisto Protocol, the listed weapons are arguably the most effective in the game. It is no secret that this game can be brutal and stacking up on firepower will be highly advised. Thus, fully upgrading the stun baton and axe can also make all the difference while in a pinch. Ideally, the best way to play this game is to use melee whenever possible, and pull out the guns whenever things get hot and heavy.

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