How To Unlock Risk Of Rain 2’S Timed Chest

“Risk of Rain 2” players have encountered a few challenges along the way of game completion. One of the most frequently asked questions is how to unlock the timed chests found in the game. When you’re given just a few minutes to complete the task it can take several attempts and some players have shared frustration about being unable to get it all figured out in the short time span that’s allowed. To help enhance your enjoyment of the game and get you going on your merry way, here is everything you need to know about unlocking “Risk of Rain’s” 2’S timed chest.

Where to find the Chests

Before you can unlock the infamously difficult to open chests, you have to know their locations. According to Game Pur, there are three locations in Rallypoint Delta for the timed chests. If you’ve been bypassing this step, it’s important to know that the Preon Accumulator found there can help you to deal significant damage. If you’re playing in multiplayer mode you will have 15 minutes to unlock the chest. If you’re playing in single-player mode you only have 10 minutes.

The location of the chests

An important tip to keep under your hat is that the chests tend to spawn in random locations. Technically, they could pop up anywhere, but you need to keep your eyes out for them. We’ve gathered the intel on the most common locations that they appear in to help you find them more easily. It’s not a guarantee that they’ll spawn in these locations every game, but the likelihood is higher based on previous play and statistics kept on their emergence.

The timed chests have been known to pop up at the antenna. To reach this point you must climb up to the cliff face and continue forward until you reach the base of the large-sized antenna that is situated at the top of the cliff. The antenna should be in clear view so it’s not hard to find. The chest has also been known to spawn near the center of the map at the foot of the cliff. The location can be viewed from a shot from above the map. When the chest does appear in this location there is usually an open container and you will find the timed crate inside of the open container so keep your eyes peeled.

The third most commonplace for the timed chest to spawn is in the back of the container. Whenever you see the open container make sure that you examine it thoroughly on the inside and the outside because there is always a chance that it will be nearby. These are the most common places for the chests to appear, but the truth is you never know where they may spawn. Be on the constant lookout for them as they appear and be mindful of the time constraints. Remember that the amount of time you have to unlock the chest depends on the player mode you’re operating within.

How to unlock the timed chests

Game Watcher has been kind enough to give us some useful tips on how to open the “Risk of Rain 2” timed chest within the allotted amount of time. While most chests and treasures are easy to find and access, these are a bit more of a challenge. We’re going on the assumption that you will only have 10 minutes in single-player mode. First, you should start your search immediately in solo play because you must reach the chest within 10 minutes of its appearance. While it might not sound like a big deal to get to one of the locations in 10 minutes, it can be more challenging than one would think.

Tips for making it easier to find the chests

Because of the semi-random spawning of the chests, you must be vigilant. There are a few things that you must complete first. One of them is to locate the teleporter on each level and it’s randomly positioned so you can’t guess where it is likely to be at any point in time. You must kill the boss before you can move forward as well. The best advice that can be given is to set the game on the easiest level of difficulty. Make it through the levels as quickly as you can and keep your focus on the teleporter. If you haven’t gotten to the third area by eight and a half minutes into the game it’s wise to do a restart and try it again.

Don’t fall for distractions

According to Game Rant, one of the greatest challenges players face when attempting to unlock the chests is to get beyond the distractions in the game. One of them is the temptation to turn the focus on getting coins and other loot. You can do that at another time. Maintain discipline and stay the course of completing the necessary tasks and finding the chest. It is when you reach the third level that your hunt for the timed chest should start. Begin with the known locations of the spawn for the timed chests, then start looking in other areas.

Final thoughts

Timing is everything for finding the timed chests in “Risk of Rain 2.” Remember to complete the requirements for finding the teleporters in each level and beat it to the third level as soon as possible. Avoid falling prey to other distractions and advance to level three, then begin your search. It’s no difficult to unlock the chest once you find it, but it is challenging to find the randomly spawned chests within the allotted time constraints. The difficulty level of doing so is a part of the fun of playing the game though. If it was too easy it would be boring.

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