Playing Fallout with 1 IQ Point


Remember when being stupid in an RPG actually MEANT something? Nowadays it just means you can’t hack that computer or charm that noble, but back in Fallout 1, it changed the game in blatant and often hilarious ways.

Here’s a video that has the main character talking to the Overseer, and as you can see, having a low IQ really produces a different conversation. Was it like that with all characters in the game if you were dumb? In any case, it’s quite hilarious.

“Com-put-er chip.”

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  1. They did that in Neverwinter Nights. If your character had an intelligence rating below 10 you were unable to speak properly and people got really abusive towards you.

    They dropped it for the expansions, probably got too many complaints about stereotyping and stuff. It was kind of interesting that your ability choices actually gave you a different game.

    I think that’s a big problem with games like Skyrim and Dragon Age was that your ability choices have almost no effect on the game beyond combat. Skyrim was better (Speech etc) but many RPGs focus too much on the killing and not enough on the experience of role playing. Maybe they will bring something like that back in a more tasteful fashion.

  2. Man, this really does put into perspective the amount of production value went into older games. Developers just aren’t invested like they used to be, thats why all the best games are on old consoles.

  3. Planescape torment did that too. The dialogue choices were directly influenced by intelligence and I think wisdom scores. The higher the better the dialogues became and you could talk your way out of a lot of situations were you would have had to fight it out with lower scores.

  4. If Wasteland 2 has gameplay similar to the original Fallouts I will make sure I have a computer that can run it and buy it day 1. I’ve prayed for a good game that has a play style to the original Fallouts or original Syndicate.

  5. reminds me of baldurs gate, where you would dump all your stats and put it all into dex, strength, and constitution, then whatever other stat you needed for your class, charisma at 3 would be an uuuugly sob

  6. When you talk to Harry the Super Mutant Guarding the important water chip, he gets confused when you cant speak properly and just lets you walk on by with no fight.

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