Ultimate Lunge Knifing in Modern Warfare

I may have a lot of issues with Modern Warfare 3, namely that the levels are so small, I could shoot a bullet and it would orbit around the tiny area and hit me in the back of the head, but it did do a lot of things right.

Namely, it fixed two core issues that plagued Modern Warfare 2, an otherwise excellent game. There’s no more noob tubing, and no more lunge knifing. The latter was brought about by a horrible perk known as “Commando” which would have you lunging up a flight of twelve stairs as your knife was apparently magnetically attracted to your enemy’s skulls. Combined with unlimited sprint, it was one of the more annoying classes around. It wasn’t quite as bad as the GIF, but it often felt like it.

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  1. @Sams: It doesn’t reload with the Scavenger Perk. So you get one shot and then you have to die to get another. I haven’t played much MW3, but I felt it was a good common ground because the grenade launcher was genuinely useful at times

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