10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rocket League Garage

Rocket League Garage

Rocket League Garage is a site that provides new for gamers who participate in the Rocket League Alpha test. The purpose of the site was to offer the best news for players. The website has evolved throughout the years to become an excellent resource for players. When users compare the site with its first attempt at offering resources, they know its better but probably are not aware of what led to the changes. Here are 10 things that you didn’t know about Rocket League Garage.

1. The site originated in 2014

Rocket League Garage made its debut in the early part of 2014. The creators of the site had the best intentions. The launch coincided with the Rocket League Alpha test for the game. The overarching goal was to provide the best sources for updates about the game.

2. Good intentions were not enough

The 2014 attempt at Rocket League Garage served a limited number of players so one would think that this would make the updating and news sourcing easier. This didn’t turn out the case. Although the site provided a wide range of focuses, it didn’t work out to be the great resource that the creators had hoped for. When the alpha testing ended, Rocket League Garage went by the wayside and was shelved in August of 2014.

3. Rocket League Garage made a return

In April of 2015, Rocket League Garage was rebuilt. Vicegold led the project along wtih community members including Rocket League Chinema’s Cristian and Rocket Leag Academy’s Chewi, along with serubi to develop the site. QuestFerret came on board again to work on some parts of the site which were in existence in 2014. By July 7, 2015, the site was completed with full features and it made its official relaunch.

4. The number of registrations is phenomenal

Since the relaunch of the Rocket League Garage in 2015, there has been a high number of user registrations, which suggests that it’s a worthwhile site that is functioning according to gamer expectations. There are approximately 1,300,000 user registrations currently and the numbers are still climbing. The improved site has served over a billion page impressions which has made it possible for the thousands of teams and their users to make millions of trades. Rocket League Garage has also sponsored a lot of tournaments that have been run with their software.

5. Rocket League Garage has made powerful collaborations

To bring the site on solid footing, Rocket League Garage collaborated with Couldfule, along with his Rocket League Central project. This was an important joint effort that helped the site to advance to the level that it is currently at today. It has certainly been a large group effort of talented and skilled members on the professional Rocket League platform.

6. Three new additions were added to Rocket League Garage

After teaming up with Cloudfuel, Rocket League Garage made some significant changes and expansion of their services. They became the new home for the weekly RocketRoyal tournament, as well as a Rocket League event finder, and the Rocket League power rankings. The site is fulfilling the things that it set out to do originally, plus some.

7. Why is Rocket League Garage so important?

Rocket League is one of the most popular sports games in the world today. It has been nominated for over 150 “Game of the Year” awards and it has even won some of them. There has been no shortage of recognition for its outstanding platform. Rocket League Garage provides important news about game statistics, along with an event finder for players and it hosts tournaments as well.

8. It’s loaded with important news

A visit to the Rocket League Garage will provide you with a wealth of information. It includes who is taking the top spots, it announces contest winners, who are the most valuable, which leagues are surging ahead or falling behind, announcements of mobile apps, rocket pass, RLG inventories, free items, and more articles.

9. It’s the ultimate fan site for Rocket League

Here you will find information about the game with an item database and achievements pages. There are also links on the site that provide frequently asked questions and the answers to them, the latest news in the league, and it allows you to apply to become a writer or developer on the site. You can also find information on events with details about the Pro League and Rocket Royals. There is also a useful link if you need to contact the administrators of the site. RLG does the very best that it can to be a valuable resource for Rocket League players and teams.

10. Rocket League Garage is not officially affiliated with Psyonix

Psyonix is the company that owns Rocket League and created it. The Rocket League Garage is not affiliated with the company. It’s a site that was created to be a fansite for the game though. While you can check out the known issues with the Rocket league game on the site, it’s not a place to report bugs found. This has to be done through the official Psyonix site. Rocket League Garage also promotes other fan sites to players who are interested in information and services that Rocket League Garage does not provide. There are only so many resources to go around so there is a limit to what RLG can provide, although it’s fairly comprehensive. While RLG has added a lot of new features since it first launched, there have also been some that have been removed because of the limited resources. What’s great about RLG is that they work with other sites in a collaborative effort to give fans of Rocket League whatever they can and to point them in the right direction. If you have more questions on how to use Rocket League Garage or get the most out of the site, you can find more information about using it at.

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