How to Be the Coolest Kid of 1994

Wow. This is so much ’90s radness in one picture my eyes might explode. It’s from an old magazine ad that made kids desperately want to spend all their parents cash in order to be this guy, who was about as cool as you could get as an eight year old in 1994.

Laugh if you want, but I would probably pay a large amount of money for the men’s size of that sweatshirt today. What? Tell me that wouldn’t be awesome.

Love theĀ videocassetteĀ that’s going to show you all the secrets of your favorite games. Life before the internet was…strange.

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  1. Hey, I never posted here before but have been reading for two years or more now but this is just too crazy for me.

    I’m from Omaha and Homers is a CD store. Seeing that in the 90’s they were selling a bunch of Nintendo gear is ridiculous and funny. And i may have been too young to want this nearly at that time, I could definitely see myself trying to get that within the next few years at that time.

  2. Dude, come on…. ’94?! The first playstation was launched in 95. In face the Super Nintendo would have already been out 5 years. You are almost off by a full decade.

    Sorry, I don’t normally troll…. Some reason, that just really irritates me… Probably because i would have been that kid if owning a Nintendo wasn’t expensive enough back in the day.

  3. Only available in Men’s and Children’s (and Small Children’s) sizes. Of course, women didn’t play video games until around 1998.

  4. @ Collen… You completely trumped my comment!! Isn’t it crazy how Hot Topic is the now “go to” for retro crap? Does anyone remember when Hot Topic was for the Goth and “scary” kids? I only describe them like that, cause I was one of those guys in High school. It was the only place to get my ICP tshirts. I won’t front at all. I have a few must haves in the retro tshirt dept, but damn this picture is every horribly amazing school picture I had till I was 14.

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