Spine will be a PVP with a Revolutionary Cinematic Camera System

From developer, Banzai Games comes to a new action-adventure team-based IP called “Spine.” This game takes place within a post-apocalyptic world where cybernetic ninjas are the main lines of defense. This title is a team-based brawler where players pick from a robust roster of warriors that all have to enhance moves due to the implementation of Spine Technology. This tech gives people superhuman abilities and lightning reflexes which boost their traversal skills and combat prowess. The combat in this game is synonymous with movies like Equilibrium and The Matrix. It’s a blend of martial arts and gunplay that seamlessly meld together into a single gameplay component that creates an atmosphere of dancing violence. This game will be in third-persona and it will, of course, have co-op features available. The game is still very early in development, but needless to say, it’s turning heads. This is something rather fresh for an industry that has a slew of similar dystopian titles lurking about.

As mentioned before, Spine is inspired by martial art action movies from the 90s. Players will be able to freely switch between melee and firearm combat on the fly. Everything will be layered together to make everything flow smoothly and without lag while switching between weapons. On top of that, this title will also have a revolutionary cinematic camera system that will follow players’ every move during combat. The camera will pan, zoom in, tilt and crawl along with the players while battles are unfolding. Every shootout will have a unique “John Woo” feeling, even during multi-player. This is something that gamers of the 80s and 90s have been yearning for. An honest to goodness playable action movie. Even though games have been on the right track to accomplish this idea within the last 15 years, it appears that we are about to finally cross that threshold.

Neon Ninjitsu

Based on what the trailer has showcased, Spine takes place within a cyberpunk landscape that’s complete with neon touched shadows and sky-stabbing skyscrapers. The basic story revolves around two factions fighting to take control of the city. They each have their own ulterior motive and it’s up to the player to figure out which side resonates with them the most. Each faction comes with its own selection of characters that all come with a background and story. Each character’s story will unfold as matches go on. Perhaps, this lore will be expanded within seasonal upgrades like in Apex Legends. It is not known how a story-telling element will come into play with a PVP game like this, but only time will tell. The developers have noted that all the characters will be wildly different from one another and they will all bring something unique to the battlefield.

Spine will essentially be a 3v3 PVP game. Chances are that there will be other modes, but the 3v3 factor will be the core draw. Pretty much everything that was seen on the silver screen within the past 30 years can be executed in this game. Dual wielding guns, wall-running, sword fights, and grapples will all be within these characters’ move set. Thusly, players will also be able to traverse the map through parkouring and running along rooftops. When it comes to the maps, they will be inspired by classic locations found in a variety of action movies during their heyday. What these maps could actually be is anyone’s guess. Anything from the cliche warehouses to rainy streets could show up on the map selection list. Whatever they will be, there is no doubt that they will have some rather eye-popping visuals due to the futuristic setting.

Spinal Upgrade

The selling point with Spine is the fact that all the characters’ backbone is infused with an A.I. that juices up their reflexes and fighting abilities. It is safe to say that there will be a myriad of upgradable features in this game. Everything from traversing the landscape to more enhanced fighting, no doubt. It is mentioned that players can dive through the air with each pistol in hand to lay waste like Max Payne. Plus, players will also be able to block firefights with their swords. Even though this game will primarily be a multi-player outing, it’ is not clear whether or not there will be a single-player component. Perhaps, they will come in the guise of challenges, missions, or playing with bots remains to be seen. A campaign is entirely possible, but nothing has been solidified by the developers. Of course, with the next-level cinematic camera system that will be implemented in this IP, a story mode would be rather welcoming.

There is still quite a bit to learn from Spine. The developers have quietly been busy putting this thing together and the newest trailer dropped was just a mere tease on how this game will play. There is still more to learn about Spine as time goes on. As of right now, the information that is available is enough to warrant attention. We will have to wait and see some bonafide gameplay in order to truly get a feel on how the mechanics will work. Hopefully, the new camera system will be stitched into the action to highlight certain moments, rather than be a jarring mess. There is no question that there is some ambition to this game. It can go a long way if the gaming community embraces it and nourishes the servers with their presence.

Cybernetic Calamity

Even though things are pretty silent in terms of Spine’s development, at least there is some solace in the fact that it’s still under production. It is aiming to be a cross-platform release, ranging everywhere between PC, next-gen consoles, and even mobile. There is no doubt that the developers have high hopes for their new title and hopefully, it will be a home run within the gaming community. There is no release date locked in for Spine at this moment. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if it would drop sometime early next year or the holiday season of this year at the earliest.

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