A Game of Thrones Arcade Fighter That Needs to Exist

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There’s a Game of Thrones RPG coming out in a little while, but after seeing this picture from artist Dynamito, I think they might have gone with the wrong genre.

I’m not sure why no properties seem to want to get into the fight game genre. All we ever have now are rehashes of the same old franchises, Tekken, Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Mortal Kombat, etc. Not that these are bad games, but why can’t other properties take a chance on making a game in the genre? I’d much rather have a Game of Thrones fighter than another boring sword and sorcery RPG.

Can you imagine all the characters? Robert Baratheon throwing wine barrels, Daenerys and her Dragons, Tyrion and his marauding hordes and charming speech? Amazing.

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  1. I would use Jaime and slash that maggot Joffrey to ribbons. Great idea for a game.

    I especially love Robb’s special bar. “Winter is coming.”

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