Pokemon for the Layman

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I believe this was originally from reddit, though it could have been taken from somewhere else. In any case, some girl asked her boyfriend to go through all the Pokemon and give them names off the top of his head. I might be able to name all of these on sight, but for the uninitiated? There can be some pretty entertaining guesses.

I particularly like “Flameicorn,” “Fuzzytigerdog,” and “Clown-bot.” He was able to name about 14 correctly, which isn’t terrible for someone who has clearly only glanced at the game before.

You know what Pokemon I completely forgot existed? Farfetch’d the un-evolving duck with a stick in its mouth and no  “e.” What the hell was his deal? Did anyone ever actually use him in the game? I suppose he could fly, but we all had Pidgey’s for that already.

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  1. I remember farfetch’d every time i go to a restaurant and in the salad or something is some kind of fresh onion that looks just like the stick in his mouth. The pokemon i had forgotten all about is PINSIR!!!O_O Why has he not gotten more fame is beyond me! He has everything a good pokemon needs looks, power and was difficult to catch !!

  2. FAKE!!!!

    This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow’s are all wrong.

    This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max robbed a convenience store and took off north up the old train bed towards Canada on his moped.

  3. He called Sandshrew a pangolin. I want to meet that guy. I have never met anybody who even knows what those are, and it is my favorite animal.

  4. why is there no mew? mew was number #150 and mewtwo (her offspring) was number #151. i was like “150 that’s not right whoss missing?)

  5. Mewtwo was the original #150 because they were trying to clone the undiscovered Mew, so he was documenter before the discovery of Mew who became #151. God, its sad I know that…

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