How to Make Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft


There are potions in Minecraft. One of them is the Potion of Water Breathing. It is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, which is to say, it prevents the player from running out of oxygen while they are underwater. Something that is very useful for people who want to explore underwater areas. Besides that, it enables the use of waterlogged beds, which has been known to prove useful from time to time. The player has more than one way to get their hands on a Potion of Water Breathing. For instance, they can recover these potions from Buried Treasure. Unfortunately, that is very time-consuming. After all, the player has to find a shipwreck, look for a map to the Buried Treasure, and then dig out the Buried Treasure, which isn’t the most efficient method for getting Potions of Water Breathing to say the least. Instead, it should come as no surprise to learn that the most efficient method for getting these potions would be making them.

How Can You Make the Potion of Water Breathing in Minecraft?

For starters, interested individuals are going to need a Crafting Table. Chances are good that they already have one or more of these things. However, if interested individuals need another one, well, a Crafting Table is just four Wooden Planks.Besides this, they are going to need a Brewing Stand as well. This can be built as well. However, a Brewing Station is going to be a Blaze Rod as well as three Cobblestones. The latter should be no issue whatsoever for interested individuals. Unfortunately, Blaze Rods are a bit more complicated because they are going to need to make their way to a Nether Fortress so that they can fight Blazes until they get enough drops for their needs. It is possible to make a Brewing Stand using other kinds of stone, but there is no real point when Cobblestones are the most convenient option. If people don’t feel like making their way to a Nether Fortress for whatever reason, they have other options as well. One would be stealing a Brewing Stand from a village. Another would be looking for an igloo with a basement in the snowy plains.

People are going to need Blaze Rods to make Potions of Water Breathing, so finding a Brewing Stand isn’t much of a time-saver. After all, they are going to need to go grinding for Blaze Rods anyway, so grinding for one more won’t make much of a difference. Moreover, while they are exploring the Nether Fortress, they should look for Nether Warts as well. Those would be the red, mushroom-looking plants that can be found out on the sands. There are other ingredients as well. One would be Pufferfish, which can be fished up anywhere that isn’t the jungle. The other would be Redstone Dust, which can be gotten from mobs as well as from certain lower-level biomes. Strictly speaking, these aren’t necessary. Still, interested individuals should get some Redstone Dust if possible because that makes for better results. Finally, there are the Water Bottles that serve as the basis for every single potion. If people aren’t sure how to get those, they can make Glass Bottles by putting three Glass together. Then, they can use those Glass Bottles on sources of water to get Water Bottles.

Once the player has everything that they need, they can go about actually making their Potions of Water Breathing. The first step involves turning Blaze Rods into Blaze Powder, which they will need to get the Brewing Stand running. Following that, they can put a Water Bottle in the three bottom boxes on the Brewing Stand menu. If the player wants more Potions of Water Breathing, they can put Water Bottles in every single one of the three bottom boxes. The next step is putting the Nether Wart in the top box. This will turn the Water Bottles into Awkward Potions. Next, put the Pufferfish in the top box, which should turn those Awkward Potions into Potions of Water Breathing. Those who bothered to collect Redstone Dust can use that to turn the Potions of Water Breathing into enhanced versions that last longer than otherwise possible. For comparison, the basic version has a duration of 3:00 while the enhanced version has a duration of 8:00, so this is quite a jump to say the least. Since Redstone Dust isn’t that complicated to get, this is definitely something that interested individuals should consider for the purpose of making their production as efficient as possible.

Are There Any Alternatives to the Potion of Water Breathing?

The Potions of Water Breathing are just a way to keep the player-character alive while underwater for long periods of time. However, they aren’t the only way to do so, which is important when there is so much stuff that can be found underwater. For instance, if the player can find a Turtle Shell, they can use that to make a Turtle Shell Helmet that will provide them with a bit of extra water. That isn’t as good as an actual potion but every bit can help. Similarly, there are various items that can be used underwater to create a pocket of air that can be used to replenish the player-character’s oxygen. Doors are the classic example. Others include Banners, Cakes, and Stone Cutters. Conduits are an option as well. Sadly, making a Conduit is time-consuming. The player will need one Heart of the Sea plus eight Nautilus Shells. They can get the first by looking for Buried Treasure. Meanwhile, they can get the second by fighting the Drowned until they get enough drops. Once the player has everything, they can use the Crafting Table to make the Conduit, which involves putting the Heart of the Sea at the center of the Nautilus Shells. Next, they are going to need a lot of Prismarine. This is because they need to build a 3×3 frame for the Conduit and then use the rest of the material to build a housing for that frame. If the player has done everything right, they will know by the Conduit Power buff that includes unlimited oxygen so long as they are in the vicinity.

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