A Brilliant Gallery of Mass Effect Art

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Fan art is as old as media itself, but only rarely does it lead to a story as good as Patryk Olejniczak‘s. His DeviantArt page full of gorgeously rendered Mass Effect characters caught the eye of Bioware themself, and they eventually hired him to come and illustrate for them.

I know we’ve featured a few of his pieces on the site before, but he has a bunch more Mass Effect pictures since I’ve last seen them, and each is even more incredible than the last. I hope he manages to work his way through all of the characters, as I’d love to see his version of Liara T’soni and Tali, my two (virtual) space lady loves.

Check out the gallery below, and don’t tell me you aren’t amazed by this guy’s talent.

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  1. @ Alaric

    I agree, but CN would be a good choice for director for any movie!

    Just amazing artwork, by the way! I’m going to use some of these as my phone background, for sure!

  2. Glad to see the love for Miranda, she has a fantastic story and hope she returns in depth for ME3. Ps3 owner, so never got into the ME1 relationships.

  3. That last pic is reminiscent of my first playthrough of ME2 when I lost Miranda. Just had to side with Jack and that stupid glitch never let me win her back.

    Beautiful work though. Can’t wait to see what else he does with the official “FemShep” and his takes on other characters

  4. These are wonderful. I love how he makes Miranda less ugly, because in the game there’s just something about her face that’s just not natural. Here she looks like an actual person. I just wish he had put a little more effort into the FemShep.

    I’m definitely going to check out his DA account.

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