The Xbox One Reveal in 100 Seconds

I’ve been writing a whole bunch of articles about the Xbox One reveal over at my other job, so much so that I’m sick to death of it only 72 hours later. That said, I really did enjoy this cut of the hour long Xbox presentation into a minute and a half.

You may see…certain terms repeated with alarming frequency. Granted, they did say “games” a lot too if you wanted to hunt down all those instances too, but “TV” and “sports” were certainly over-represented in a reveal about what we thought was a video game console.

And it is, but a great deal of focus was put on all the “other” things the Xbox One can do for this reveal, and what little time was devote to games was really just a 15 minute ad for Call of Duty Ghosts, which isn’t even an exclusive title for the system. It was a perplexing event, to say the least.

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