How to Get Dream Solvent in Genshin Impact

Dream Solvent in Genshin Impact

Dream Solvent is an item that can be used to change a character level-up material from a weekly boss into another character level-up material from that same weekly boss in Genshin Impact. As such, they are very useful for those who want to make their characters as strong as possible. After all, the character level-up materials from weekly bosses are needed to max out their character’s talents.

How Can You Get Dream Solvent in Genshin Impact?

Getting Dream Solvents is very straightforward in Genshin Impact. This is because they are one of the potential rewards from beating the weekly bosses. Interested individuals should fight these opponents at the highest levels for the best chances of getting the best loot. Currently, there are six weekly bosses. First, there is Andrius in Wolvendom, Mondstadt. Second, there is Dvalin in Stormterror’s Lair, Mondstadt. Third, there is Childe in the Golden House, Liyue. Fourth, there is Azhdaha in Nantianmen, Liyue. Fifth, there is La Signora in the Tenshukaku, Inazuma. Sixth, there is Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto in the Grand Narukami Shrine, Inazuma. However, it seems safe to say that there will be even more weekly bosses in the future. Besides this, interested individuals can get one Dream Solvent by completing “No Mere Stone,” which is the second act of Zhongli’s story quest. This isn’t repeatable, so this isn’t a solution for people who need more than one of these things. For that matter, interested individuals are going to need to fight the weekly bosses if they want to use their Dream Solvent anyway because they need the character level-up materials from those weekly bosses to turn into other character level-up materials from those same weekly bosses.

Power Comes From Levels, Talents, and Artifacts

There are three sources of power for characters. First, the player can raise the characters’ levels. Second, the player can raise the characters’ talents. Third, the player can put better artifacts on the characters. The last one is the most complicated. Unfortunately, the last one is extremely important if the player wants to make their characters as powerful as possible. Artifacts of the same set provide a bonus when there are two of them and then a second bonus when there are four of them. Different sets provide different bonuses, so it is important for interested individuals to choose something that makes sense for what the character is supposed to do. For example, Noblesse Oblige is well-suited for elemental burst characters. In contrast, Ocean-Hued Clam is well-suited for characters who offer healing but could use an offensive boost tied to that healing. Unfortunately, getting the right stats and sub-stats on artifacts are a matter of random chance. Genshin Impact is a very offensive-oriented game, which is why interested individuals will want critical chance and critical damage more than anything else in most cases. However, there are characters who benefit from other stats because of the way that their talents work.

Bring the Right Elements

It is important to bring the right elements for each fight. Each weekly boss has its own particular set of elemental resistances. For example, Andrius is just straight-up immune to both Anemo and Cryo while being 10 percent resistant to everything else. Meanwhile, Childe has 50 percent Hydro resistance in his first phase, 50 percent Electro resistance in his second phase, and then both 50 percent Hydro and 50 percent Electro resistance in his third phase. Be warned that there can be other reasons to bring a particular element for a particular weekly boss fight. To name an example, interested individuals might assume that Electro characters are a poor choice for fighting Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto because she has very strong Electro associations. However, it is a good idea to bring an Electro character who can do Electro damage because she has a one-hit-kill that needs to be shielded against by destroying an object that she deploys.

Memorize the Phases

Fighting a weekly boss for the first time can be a serious challenge. However, it shouldn’t take interested individuals too long to memorize the phases, at which point, their performance should start improving because they will have a clear idea of what they should be doing in each phase. To name an example, the player can win the Dvalin fight by attacking the crystal at the back of his neck. However, the player won’t be able to do so until they have made the weekly boss vulnerable by hitting him. Dvalin will start out by attacking from the air. It is possible to hit him at this point but it is difficult enough that it is better to wait until he clings to the platform in order to attack at a closer distance. When he becomes vulnerable, interested individuals can either use a bow character to shoot the crystal or climb up the neck before using other characters to strike the crystal. Chances are good that interested individuals won’t be able to get everything done in a single session. When Dvalin recovers, they should run to the side of the platform, collect the Anemograna to create a wind current, and then ride the wind to the next platform. The player needs to repeat this until they find a platform that isn’t crackling with elemental energy. At which point, they can repeat the process. Be warned that they can’t take too long to take out Dvalin. Eventually, there will come a point when every single platform is crackling with elemental energy. Theoretically speaking, the fight remains winnable at that point. In practice, well, it becomes much more challenging than it needs to be.

Use Food

If the player is struggling, they should use food to give themselves a boost to their offense as well as a boost to their defense. There aren’t a lot of challenging fights in Genshin Impact, so weekly bosses are a good place to use those items. Please note that one offense-boosting food and one defense-boosting food are allowed to be active at the same time, so there is no point to using either more than one offense-boosting or more than one defense-boosting food until the timer runs out.

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