Everywhere will be a Title that Could Change the Gaming Landscape

Everywhere is an innovative open-world game that promises no restrictions on how to play. There isn’t really a clear distinction of what this game actually is. It is being developed by a team of ex-Rockstar employees. So, needless to say, they are most likely well-versed in how open worlds should be built. This game has been in development for a few years and a new trailer was dropped rather recently. Even though it is difficult to pinpoint which genre this IP will fall under, one thing that is for sure is that it will be a massive community experience. Now, the footage shown in the trailer does provide snippets of gameplay that apparently has a little bit of everything. There will be no one way to play this game. Gamers will be able to craft, share and experience any type of genre they please. This will be the main appeal of this IP, no doubt.

It appears that Everywhere will be very much like Little Big Planet or perhaps, Minecraft in many aspects. Now, whether or not players will be able to make entire custom levels remains to be seen. It is very possible that everything will be pre-set and players just simply choose which adventure to go on. What is noted is that there will be co-op features in this game where players can jump in and out in a seamless manner. The trailer does move fast and it takes some keen eyes to glean what this game is about. Thusly, there also appear to be different art designs within the various maps shown. It’s almost something akin to alternate realities where players can explore all in one game. Although details are scarce with this title, there is certainly some curiosity sparking across the gaming community.

A Gamer’s Game

From the sounds of it, Everywhere will consist of a vast selection of open worlds in which players can build and share. Not to mention that sundry gameplay elements will also be associated with the biomes. Everything from gunplay, racing, platforming, melee, and more can be implemented into a player’s map. It solely depends on the vision and story they want to tell. This could be the type of game where the sky’s the limit. Everything from sci-fi realms, fantastical landscapes, accurately realized cities and outer space can all be dabbled in. The way that maps can be designed hasn’t really been shown, it. It can either be a ‘cut and paste’ type of mechanic or things can are ‘hand molded.’ Now, it is noted that this game is being built with Unreal Engine 5. The thing about this engine is that it is considered “accessible” in terms of design.

The tedium of designing worlds is circumvented through Unreal Engine 5 by the methods of photogrammetry, among other things. So, if this is indeed true, then there shouldn’t be a reason why the players themselves can utilize this software for their own ideas. Not only is it elementary to execute, but it also can be rather dazzling to look at. The trailer did show different art styles. Styles that are animated like Overwatch while others are more realistic like Forspoken. Generally, it appears that players can switch out fidelity or graphical modes kind of like Super Mario Maker. How music will work remains to be seen. Maybe, players can upload their own soundtrack and sound effects while making their own worlds. There is still quite a bit of questions that have yet to be answered with Everywhere. No doubt that this game came out of nowhere and surprised the gaming community as a whole. Now everyone is slightly confused about it.

Parallel Presentation

Now, Everywhere won’t be just a static title where players simply create and share in the metaverse. There will be cinematic nuances within the game. How this will work within the biomes remains to be seen. The trailer did show cinematics among its showing. The question is, where there be a story or campaign to play? Something that acts as a massive tutorial while trying to complete it? The developers weren’t very clear on that. It is very possible that this game could be a raw multiplayer experience. Which, in all fairness, will be the bread and butter of this title.  Thus, it is also expected to have this game receive periodic updates which will drip-feed new content into its universe. Slowly enriching the experience as time goes by. Of course, Seasonal updates and the like haven’t been mentioned. However, this is a model that could serve well with this type of game.

Surprisingly enough, Everywhere is slated to be released pretty soon. It has been quietly under development for over 5 years. Expect some more information to start leaking out in the coming months. As of right now, the information is a little slim. However, the general notion behind this IP is an ambitious one, for sure. Building and sharing worlds aren’t necessarily anything new. The fact that now players can build entire open worlds to explore is a tall order to execute. The specs needed to pull this off are definitely now available with modern gaming rigs and consoles. Until the developers sit down and give a thorough, step-by-step presentation on how this game works, then it will remain obscure. The idea behind this has massive potential, but gamers need to see actual gameplay before diving headfirst into this title.

Unreal and Unhindered

So, the word is that Everywhere is slated to be released sometime in 2023. Chances are that it could be within the second quarter. Especially, since this year is now nearing its end. The platforms that it will be available for have not been announced. However, it is a clear bet that it will be coming to next-gen consoles and possibly even PC. Gamers will need to wait a little longer before they can get a deeper understanding of Everywhere. Perhaps, even a new trailer with commentary. Not to mention when they will finally get their hands on it.


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