How to Earn the “Dredgen” Title in Destiny 2

“Destiny 2” players are challenged with a quest to obtain greatness because of the numbers of those in the popular game who are die-hard purists who reach high levels in the game. Achieving mastery and completion leaves you with a certain sense of satisfaction for your hours of hard work. The Forsaken expansion has added titles to the game for those who achieve a set number of Triumphs equal to a feather in your cap. One of the titles that players are beginning to unlock is Dredgen. If you’ve attained this level you have your work cut out for you, and it’s always good to have the intel on the best way to proceed. There’s not any way to make this quest particularly easy, but you can save time and frustration by following these tips for how to earn the Dredgen Title in “Destiny 2.”


In “Destiny 2,” under the Triumphs tab, you’ll find the Gambit Seal. The Dredgen title is one that has just recently become accessible for players. This is a challenging game that comes with a stiff set of requirements in the PvE/PvP hybrid mode, requiring a set number of accomplishments for players to achieve. There was a secret Triumph player were not aware of tied in the with Malfeasance exotic, without which players could not proceed to the Dredgen title according to Game Rant. It’s a distinction that tells the world that you’ve not only completed but mastered a difficult quest in the game, to achieve a higher level. While it’s not really worth it for some, others have a consuming desire to obtain the Triumph. It’s a grinding process and some of the requirements are difficult to achieve. Thankfully, players have shared their strategies about how to achieve each step in the laborious process to achieve mastery.

How to start the quest for the Dredgen Title

The first step in achieving this title is to navigate to the Triumph’s tab. Under the Seals, select the Gambit option. Prepare for a long grind because the requirements are quite intensive. You will be required to complete 11 tasks. Some require a bit of explanation so you will know what’s coming.

  1. Playing for Keeps badge – The first task is to earn the Playing for Keeps badge. The requirements to unlock the badge are to collect every ship that drops from the Gambit playlist, every piece of armor, emblem, shader, weapon, Sparrow, and Ghost shell. You are instructive to complete a set of objectives which includes defeating opponents when their Super is active. You must use a Gambit weapon equipped in every slot to win a Gambit match. You will also be instructed to defeat some high-value targets. Everything is covered so you’ll know what to do and when to do it, but there are two secret Triumphs to achieve.
  2. Secret Triumphs – The two secret Triumphs are the Malfeasance exotic hand cannon and the Protect the Runner Triumph. The latter is one that requires specific player action that includes a deposit of 100 Motes in a match. The player cannot lose any of the Motes and must win the match. It’s recommended that this is accomplished within a fireteam. The Malfeasance exotic hand cannot is an exotic quest that has recently appeared.

Available Services

Guardian Services along with several others offer to do most of the hardest work for you. While this is an option you won’t have the satisfaction of earning the title on your own. The services they offer are all things that you can eventually accomplish on your own. Their strategy, however, does give you a good roadmap to follow to make your own success.

How to get the Sparrow and the Ship

Reddit forum members shared how they acquired both the Sparrow and the ship in Destiny 2. Some players received it after completing their second and third kills of the Malfeasance Primevil. Some got the Sparrow only and others got both from additional Ascendant Premevil kills. The ship and sparrow have a chance of random drop from the meatball. Once again, these two items come easier for some players than others because they can randomly drop, but you can farm them by making more ascendant kills from Ascendant Primevil.

How do you get 100 Mote?

Game FAQs, is a forum that helps find out how other players made some of the required achievements for earning the Dredgen Title in Destiny 2. We learned that the deposit was lowered from 100 Motes to only 75 required. Players recommended playing with a full fireteam with a power of at least 700. Some players received over 100 Motes after changing to a sudden death match and completing it. Some players also noted that they received around 40 Motes after playing rounds even without making any kills. This seems to be a random thing and there isn’t really a solid strategy to follow other than playing sudden death and doing the best you can.

Final thoughts

Achieving the Dredgen Title in Destiny 2 can be a bit of a grind. Since the time that it was first unlocked, players have been chipping away and learning some useful strategies for completing all of the 11 requirements for earning the Triumph. There are a few challenges that are a bit more elusive with items that seem hard to get for some, while other players seem to come by them accidentally. If you’re stuck in a certain part of the quest, we hope that you found our short mini-guide on how to get the Dredgen Title in Destiny 2 helpful. Don’t forget to share the tips and strategies that you learn along the way to help your fellow gamers through the rough spots.

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