Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed – Gear Cart Breakdown

No doubt that Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is brimming with potential when it comes to content. Between the movies and animated series, there’s a healthy list of things to unlock. Not to mention the options of future DLC that could be in the pipeline. As of right now, there is a pretty good selection of cosmetics and equipment to unlock through grinding. Some of the items that can be acquired can really help out with the hunting of ghosts. Even though all the busters come with some rather handy tools by default, there are other toys to try out.

Now, players don’t necessarily ‘need’ to unlock these items to win a match. They are here to simply mix things up and try the busting methods from different angles. In fact, some of the items that come in a buster’s kit can render ghost tracking to be less tedious. So, it doesn’t hurt to do less running around and let something else do the heavy lifting. All these items can be acquired through the use of the gear cart. It comes with a varied selection of goodies that can give an edge while ghostbusting.

Many players tend to forget about the gear cart while playing a match. It is a handy feature that can help against tricky ghost players. Every piece of equipment in the cart is unlocked once you reach certain levels. Generally, level 50 is when all the gear will be available for a player. Also, take note that the gear cart is where you go to restock traps if yours happens to be drained or stolen. Equipment isn’t invulnerable in this game and everything can indeed get damaged. So, be smart when engaging with other players during a match.

Stationary Equipment To Unlock

So, the equipment stocked in the gear cart is mostly familiar items that are well-known throughout the Ghostbusters IP. So, players will know what they’re getting into, just by looking at what’s available. The gear within operates pretty differently with their properties. Some are mobile while others are stationary. In this particular case, the Radar Puck is a good alternative to the P.K.E. meter. Players can freely place it anywhere on the map, in which sonar signals will emit out from a large radius. It will help pinpoint where a ghost is hiding.

The only drawback is that players will need to pick it up and place it elsewhere when they’re having no luck. It also comes with a battery life, which will need to stay charged. Thus, Ionizer Pods are also a nice little tool to have. Especially, if you lack the talent to round up a ghost by yourself. They are essentially “stun grenades” that can hinder a ghost’s movement. If you find yourself going head-to-head against a ghost, the Ionizer Pods can help out with lassoing, at the very least.

Mobile Equipment To Unlock

Now, there are some items to use that can help round up ghosts while on the go. These are pretty far up the ladder in terms of availability. Players will need to grind for a little while before being able to use these. However, not only do they provide some ample assistance while busting, but they also make a match even more fun. One, in particular, is the R.T.V. Kit. This is a remote-controlled car that has a ghost trap attached to it. Players can chase down a ghost and suck them in with it. The thing is that this item isn’t available via the gear cart by default.

Instead, players will need to complete the R.T.V. Research Contract. Contracts are available near Katt’s desk in the firehouse. This will entail; getting the final capture 3 times and restocking on traps from the gear cart 10 times. Completing contracts in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is an excellent way to obtain extra XP. Not to mention unlocking special loot in the process. So, be sure to check them out now and again and see what’s available.

Wearable Equipment To Unlock

On top of everything else, there are some items that the busters can attach to their attire that have more uses than just being cosmetic. Of course, this centers around the ecto googles. These are just as iconic as the Etco-1 and proton packs. Through good old-fashioned grinding, players can get a hold of these at the gear cart once they reach level 50. Not only do they look cool, but they also have rather useful tendencies. The ecto goggles are basically used for tracking the movement and whereabouts of a ghost.

So, as expected, the screen will transfer to ‘night vision‘ which will show the ecto residue of spiritual activity. Players can follow these tracks to find where the ghost is hiding. All in all, the ecto goggles can really come in handy during the last stretch of a match. Ghost players tend to like just hiding out somewhere and running out the clock. In all fairness, that is what it takes to win a match as a ghost. So, hunting them down using just the P.K.E. meter can be a stressful situation when the clock is ticking. The ecto goggles can rectify that and they are worth having in your build. Seeing all the extra spirit activity can make the end of a match all the more intense with proper communication.


The item selection in the gear cart in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed isn’t the most extensive. However, they do offer some variety toward busting ghosts beyond the standard P.K.E. meters and proton packs. Every item within the gear cart is worth checking out at least once. Also, don’t forget to activate special contracts for bonuses. Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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