5 Pretty Impressive Super Mario Game Speed Runs


I’m not sure if watching speed runs is fun or if it pisses me off.    On the one hand most of us spend hours trying to conquer most video games.  On the other hand, many of us marvel at the idea of being able to get through an entire game unscathed and more importantly, quickly.

Imagine being able to get through Super Mario Brothers in 5 minutes.  I’d say that constitutes as being impressive.  While some of these speed runs are aided with the use of tools (most times emulators) it’s still amazing to watch the speed at which you can win a game.

Still though, it kind of bothers you because it’s nearly impossible to be that flawless every time around.  Here are 5 pretty impressive Super Mario Game speed runs.

Super Mario Bros.  4:59.60 (Tool Assisted)


It may be tool assisted but just watching this thing nearly made my eyes hurt.   It’s actually not even remotely fun watching this.  Part of the fun of the game is shooting stuff with fire and smushing the bad guys.

Mario 64 Beaten with 0 Stars in 5:47 (Tool Assisted)


Once again, tool assisted, but still pretty impressive.  The ending is nearly longer than it took to win the whole game.

Mario Kart 64 Speedrun 5:16


This movie is Tool Assisted by Weatherton time 5:16 Have fun watching the speedrun. Tool Assisted means that this movie was made on an emulator with slow-down and flagrant abuse of the save-state

I love the words “Flagrant abuse.”

Super Mario Bros 3 SNES Speed Run (Part 1)


There are over 10  parts to this series.  Two more are located here and here.   Clearly no assistance done on these.

Mario Galaxy Star #55 – Sand Blast Speed Run


This is just fun to watch.


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